The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 1: Barrework for Beginners [2006, Обучающее видео по классическому танцу, DVD5, ENG] (Видеоурок)



The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 1: Barrework for Beginners
Страна: США
Тематика: Обучающее видео по классическому танцу
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 01:28:45
Год выпуска: 2006
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Описание: From head to toe, Finis Jhung gives you a fresh new view of the essential ideas of classical ballet that will transform your physique — and your psyche. The emphasis here is on learning ballet from the inside-out. Instead of merely assuming textbook positions and memorizing terminology, all the exercises in this class are designed to develop kinesthesia — the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints. Learn to "see and feel" what you are doing. Learn the "why and how" that create the "what." Teachers have found that this class works wonders with younger students.
1. Number One
2. Turning out, demi plié in 1st position
3. Isometric grand pliés, relevé
4. Battement tendu en croix, 1st position
5. Port de bras
6. Battement tendu à la seconde, grand plié, relevé & balance, 1st position
7. Battement tendu devant & derrière, demi plié, 1st position
8. Working the foot, attitude à la seconde, relevé in plié, 1st position
9. Battement dégagé & attitude à la seconde, relevé & balance
10. Battement dégagé devant & derrière, stretches, 1st position
11. Battement tendu en croix, demi plié, relevé & balance, 5th position
12. Rond de jambe à terre
13. Dégagé en croix, demi plié, 5th position, balance cou-de-pied derrière
14. Fondu en croix, balance retiré derrère
15. Grand battement devant, port de bras
16. Grand battement derrière, tendu plie, relevé
17. Grand battement à la seconde, demi plie
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Качество : DVD5
Формат: DVD video
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR
Аудио: AC3, 2/0 ch, 128Kbps, Delay 0 mSec


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