Schmitz Dave - Reactive. Resistance Band Training / Дэйв Шмитц - Тренировка с резиновым амортизатором [2008, PDF, ENG]

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Dave Schmitz - Reactive. Resistance Band Training
Тренировка с резиновым амортизатором
- Название: Resistance Band Training / Тренировка с резиновым амортизатором
Автор: Dave Schmitz / Дэйв Шмитц
Издательство: PerforMax – Perfomance Training, LLC
Жанр: фитнес
Год издания: 2008
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Количество страниц: 153
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)-

Резиновые амортизаторы начали повсеместно использовать в силовой тренировке примерно в 60-х годах, однако Reactive Resistance Band Training является относительно новой концепцией и находится в центре внимания
Цель, которую ставит перед собой Дэйв, - обеспечение обучения, которые помогут продвижению концепции реактивного тренинга. Он объясняет, как в действительности работают наши тела в соответствии с законами биомеханики.
Резиновые амортизаторы всегда считались чудесной альтернативой силового тренинга с весами на тот случай, когда их нет под рукой. Но, по мнению Дэйва, тренировки с резиновой лентой не альтернатива, а необходимость, если вы хотите достигнуть высокого фитнес уровня без травм.

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Аннотация на английском языке + By Dave Schmitz...

Resistance bands have been around since the early 60’s but Reactive Resistance Band Training is a relatively new concept and is the focus of
In creating this site, my intent was to provide a learning environment that would help promote the concept of reactive resistance band training in both the fitness and performance communities
It was to teach individuals about how our body really works and eliminate some of myths about “functional training” which is becoming a very overuse word.
Resistance bands have always been considered the last alternative to strength training when weights were not readily available. They were also the best tool to simulate machines during the era when machine based training was popular. However, in our mind training with resistance bands is not an alternative, it’s a must if you truly want your body to perform at higher levels and stay safe from injury.-About the Author:
Dave Schmitz is the owner of, your #1 resource for developing reactive strength and power using resistance bands.-By Dave Schmitz
Continuously looped resistance band training allows you to literally train clients, yourself and large group anywhere. A park, gym, hotel room, cafeteria, hallway, or even in a small room in your home. The light weight construction provides unlimited resistance potential without the need for dragging around heavy equipment.
Any time you want to train all you do is hook up your bands. Don’t waste your time waiting for the gym to open or for the weather to cooperate. Train on your own schedule regardless the time, day or place. Don’t get caught up in having someone or something control your valuable exercise time or more importantly keep you from reaching your fitness goals.
Resistance band exercises use a continuously looped flat rubber band that allows you to train absolutely any aspect of fitness or performance. Flexibility, strength endurance, power, locomotion, cardio, upper torso strength, lower torso strength, core stability are also possible and you can do it individually or in partners. Resistance band exercise versatility is endless when it comes to setting up great workouts that get powerful results.
Anybody can train with resistance bands. Regardless if you are a senior citizen or a professional athlete, if you want to improve your fitness or athleticism, resistance band exercises should be part of your training plan.
Purchasing Resistance Bands
When it comes to training aggressively and safely with resistance bands you cannot rely on purchasing high quality resistance band at local retailers. Flat layered resistance bands are only found online through professional fitness equipment vendors. Purchasing lesser quality bands from retail stores will simply not stand up to the level of aggressive training it takes to achieve fast effective results.
How to choose the right band for you
Bands are color coded to assist with identification. Most band online shopping stores will provide you band specs as well as recommendations on what a particular band is best used for. Also in most case, you will be provided a starter workout to get you safely and effectively training with bands.
Most continuously looped bands follow this color combination-Orange – X small
Red –small
Black – medium
Purple – Large
Green – XXLarge
Blue – XXXLarge-When first starting out with resistance band exercises, it is best to begin with Red or Black unless you are at a relatively high level of strength. Due to the elastic nature of resistance bands, increasing the resistance can easily be done by adjusting the stretch tension. Considering the high level of durability, each band provides you 2 yards of safe stretch potential which in turn creates a lot of resistance variability.
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