Scott Sonnon - Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought/Скотт Соннон - Прасара: Поток за пределы мысли [2007, PDF, ENG]

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Scott Sonnon - Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought

Know Your Flow - The Prasara Yoga Book
- Название: Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought / Прасара: Поток за пределы мысли
Жанр: Йога, фитнес
Автор: Scot Sannon / Скотт Соннон
Издатель: Productions
Год издания: 2007
ISBN-10: 0979427541
ISBN-13: 978-0979427541
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Количество страниц: 171
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)-[/url]
Prasara является древний термином означающим с санскрита "поток без мысли". Естественное состояние человека на пике производительности – это расслабление и спонтанность, происходящие без влияния эго и страха. Всемирно известный чемпион, тренер и фитнес-эксперт Скотт Sonnon представляет уникальный подход для реализации вашего творческого самовыражения. Описанная некоторыми как "йога, какой она должна быть", эта программа выходит за рамки набора шаблонов и статичных поз для преобразования практикующего в физического художника, воссоздающего самого себя с каждым движением.
Порой напоминающая брейк-данс, йогу, боевые искусства, гимнастику или других знакомые дисциплины, Prasara: Flow Without Thought™ является следующим эволюционным шагом в кропотливом развитии биомеханических упражнений и круговой силовой тренировки ® для трехмерной физической подготовки. Являясь гигантский шагом вперед в области физической культуры, сопутствующие 2 DVD включают в себя следующие динамические плавные цепочки:
* Flock of Pigeons: бедро, колено и голеностоп
* Diving Dolphin: сухожилия и поясница, плечо, шея
* Spider Monkey: грудь, плечи, руки и верхняя часть спины
* Forest: ноги, ягодицы и ...
* Tumbleweed: мышцы сгибатели бедра совместно с мышцами поясницы, шея
Prasara ™ является физической практикой освобождения от страха, тревоги и травм, практика, которая выпускает в естественное состояние плавности, своего естественного потока. Это сложный внутренний путь, вызывающий мужество, дисциплину и веру в наше собственное Божественное начало, тихий, кроткий голос внутри, который ведет нас к трансформации и жизни, для служения всем живым существам.-Данная книга - своего рода учебник по Prasara Yoga. Для кого?
* Для занятых мужчин и женщин, которые не имеют времени на длительную тренировку;
* Для тех, кто проводит больше времени в гостиницах, чем в своей собственной постели;
* Для тех, кому необходимо восстановление после травм или длительной болезни;
* Для всех спортсменов, бойцов и полицейских, - с учетом их особых потребностей;
* И не менее важно ... Это для тех из вас, кто не прошел ни одной тренировки за последние годы.
-Years of research into the zone culminates in a clear, concise guide to self mastery. By bridging the gap between yoga and athletics this third evolution of yoga allows anyone to tap into optimal human experience where everything feels, looks and just goes right . Exercise descriptions and clear photograph examples take you from beginning poses to linking the poses with simple breathing techniques and unlock the most powerful virtue in human physical life: flow.

Образы страниц

The 'Hug' that Unleashed Limitless Power in My Life.

The 'Hug' that Unleashed Limitless Power in My Life.
Dear Friend,
All my life teachers told me I was unlikely to succeed, especially athletics. My learning disabilities, joint disease and legal blindness coupled with poor nutrition and lack of quality movement caused me to become an obese child.
Due to the violence visited upon me throughout my childhood, I had great difficulty trusting any would-be mentor in my life. So, when a little, old woman from India comes along into my life and "hugs" me telling me that I have limitless power within me, I remained skeptical until the weight of evidence proved her to be right.
Finding Unconventional Wisdom and Developing Uncommon Sense!
I spent decades seeking physical vitality. At an early age, my "defects" made common methods to be impractical. So, I began my journey. Traveling the globe, I studied in the labs of the x-Soviet Olympic coaches and special forces trainers, and research scientists, to learn the science of flow. Despite having won international championships in wrestling and kickboxing, it took a tiny yoga guru to show me that my true power had been untapped.
You can imagine how hard it was to believe. I went from "disabled" to decorated with the highest athletic distinction in the former Soviet Union - the Honourable Master of Sport. There couldn't be an easier and more effective way, right? I had to fight off the disability, abuse and ridicule in the manner I did, right? Wrong. I learned from this petite teacher that my visual, physical and mental challenges allowed me to see, feel and think in a unique and empowering way.
I didn't want to hear that the many hours of daily exercise only scratched the surface of my true process. Yet I saw my teacher, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, spend day after day hearing the story of her students, without fatigue, without exhaustion. She actually grew with energy as she flowed from one individual to the next.
I had been getting tired after only a couple hours of practice, and here she went on for days without eating. She's "hugged" 30 million students in 30 years. That was the energy that I've truly wanted!
What I Experienced Resonated Through Every Part of My Body!
I believe that everyone should find their true power in their own Process. But I have a moral obligation to share the path which I was blessed to discover. Before I met my little Indian guru, I was sure that I could express my power. But the yoga I learned from her targeted each vulnerability in my body that professional sports science hadn't touch. In one "Hug" I realized that Amma "had me."
I surrendered all that I thought I understood about "body-flow" and began to working on the yogic routines called Prasara which would address each and every weakness throughout the human body. Just imagine, when this 51 year old woman could do things that a 32 year old world-class athlete couldn't even approximate. I tell you this: it deafens any of the ego's prideful protests.
The power that Amma taught me to uncork had such an all-encompassing and immediate impact upon me that for the past seven years I have been sharing my discoveries with thousands upon thousands of people from around the world, young and old. The results for them have been as stunning and dramatic as they were for me. The weight of these testimonials demonstrated undeniable proof to me that this yoga works rapidly and for everyone!
Who is Prasara Yoga for?
* It's for the time-sensitive man and woman who have trouble fitting in a fast and effective workout.
* It's for the "road warrior" who spends more time in hotels than in their own bed.
* It's for for the refugees from conventional exercise who want to recover from all their aches and pains.
* It's for all of my fellow athletes, fighters, soldiers and police and their special needs.
* But just as importantly ... IT'S FOR those of you who haven't ever done one workout in years.
The web site for this material is at:

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