Scott Sonnon - Free to Move / Скотт Соннон - Свобода движения [2008, PDF, ENG]

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Scott Sonnon - Free to Move: With the Intu-Flow Longevity System
Свобода движения через систему долголетия
- Название: Free to Move / Свобода движения
Жанр: Йога, фитнес
Автор: Scot Sannon / Скотт Соннон
Издатель: Productions
Год издания: 2008
ISBN-10: 9780979427565
ISBN-13: 978-0979427565
ASIN: 0979427568
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Количество страниц: 390
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)-Описание:
В 1996 году Scott Sonnon, как чемпион в боевых искусствах и тренер национальной сборной США, стал на Западе пионером в развитии дисциплин связанных с подвижностью суставов, как средством восстановления врождённых заболеваний, хронических болей и многочисленных травм. Его последняя книга Free to Move: The Intu-Flow Longevity System уже названа Библией суставной гимнастики.
Даже спортсмены и любители фитнеса страдают от болей в суставах! Но этих болей можно избежать, если выполнять простые тренировочные комплексы из упражнений на подвижность, в течение нескольких минут каждый день. Free to Move учит основам этой системы, а также предоставляет прогрессию, которой вы можете следовать, чтобы восстановить своей естественный и полный диапазон движений. Следуя плану, содержащемуся в этой книге, вы выпустите излишек энергии, который находится внутри вас, и откроете безграничные возможности оздоровления собственного тела. Вы можете иметь лучшее питание в мире, но если вы не двигаете каждым суставом, через полный диапазон его движения ежедневно, то питательные вещества не попадают в ткани, которым их не хватает.
Free to Move научит вас, как раскрыть каждый сустав, чтобы к нему поступали питательная и синовиальная жидкости, и выводили ненужные продукты. Если вы будете выполнять эту программу всего 8 минут в день, можно сказать, что вы будете пить из фонтана оздоровления и долголетия, замедляя – а в некоторых случая и пуская вспять – типичные процессы старения.

Образы страниц

Are you Free To Move?!

Are you Free To Move?!
Allow me to present: The "Fountain of Youth"
The Intu-Flow Longevity System
No matter how old you are, just by moving each of your joints in a secret sequence for just 8 minutes a day, you will be able to:
* Be Pain-Free Without Any Strain
* Turn Back "the Clock" to Reverse Aging
* Gain Graceful Poise and Effortless Carriage
* Experience Perfect Balance of Mobility and Stability
* Reclaim Child-like Vitality
* Bathe Yourself in Unlimited Healing Energy
* Enjoy True Lifetime Fitness Without Injuries
* Amplify Your Mental Acuity and Awareness
* Empower Yourself rather than feel powerless
* Be Your Own Gym without costly machines
End your concerns over poor health, illness, aging and even death! Gratefully live a full century (or more!) of healthy, vibrant years through my "Fountain of Youth" - The Intu-Flow Longevity System - so simple to learn most everyone instantly feels the surge of potent vitality and crystal-clear awareness.
Dear Friend,
We're bombarded daily with one emotionally-disemboweling message: that as we age, we can expect nothing but the onset of disease and disrepair, incompetence and invalidity. But you can be FREE from this self-fulfilling prophecy! HOW?
I shall reveal to you what I uncovered in my years throughout Russia, studying an ancient health system with Siberian shaman. In their scientific "think-tank" of Olympic Coaches, Special Operation Trainers, Cosmonaut Program Personnel and Medical Research Scientists, I was honored with the privilege of "mind-sharing" their discoveries. They transformed millennia old health traditions into cutting-edge longevity science for their Space Program to guarantee their Cosmonauts long, healthy lives, even in the ravages of zero gravity (where all life rapidly accelerates the process of dying!)
One of the the men I studied with was a silver-haired monk nick-named "Pasha." Though of an obviously seasoned, he boasted of being 104 years old. His seniority didn't prevent him from extraordinary feats of strength like twirling a 140lbs tree around his torso!
He taught a Russia monastic practice very similar to the traditional Yoga and Sufism I have been taught, in its design to energetically align you with Grace through specific postures, deliberate movement and unique breathing exercises. He referred to his ancient library called the Philokalia - meaning "To Love Beauty" written in the fourth century.
For my teachers, there was simply no distinction between mind, body and spirit. To fortify one's health, clear one's mind and elevate one's spirit were one and the same. We exercised 6 hours a day minimum plus 4 more in study, and each session was conducted with the sacredness of a church, mosque or ashram.
Ancient Health Discipline to Modern Longevity Discipline!
What came as an incredible surprise for me was the way that my Russian mentors researched. They delved into what has worked for thousands of years and distilled the universal principles which made them "tick." For weeks on end, I would be rigorously tested with exotic recording devices which would bleep and bip as I performed the various movements I had mastered. Each data point demonstrated their genius, as Soviet scientist and physician Bogolometz announced, "You are as old as your connective tissue!"
We are as Old as Our Movement!
Where I had been taught in the USA how to improve the size and strength of my muscles, my Russian teachers taught me to look to the more subtle power of the tissue which surrounds the muscle, the joints, the bones and even our organs. In this scientific "think-tank" of they had implemented this essence into their Space Program, into their Olympic Teams, and into the Special Operations Units. Though being a world-class fighter when I arrived in Russia, I was regularly outperformed by individuals in their 60s and 70s - a reality hard-swallowed, but gratefully-learned!
Many of the research protocols were still "classified" so I was not allowed to film or photograph some of the events, but one device indelibly recorded every one of the drills: my nervous system. I had been forever changed by being required to mastery the exercises. And because my learning disabilities and physical impairments as a child, I developed an acute sensitivity for movement, position and force. If I did a movement once, I never forgot it - it was the blessing which resulted from enduring the "defects" which dismayed teachers of my youth.

Описание на англ. языке

In 1996, Scott Sonnon pioneered the discipline of joint mobility in the West as a means of recovering from congenital disease, chronic pain and a host of injuries he incurred as an international martial arts champion and USA National Team Coach. His latest book, Free to Move: The Intu-Flow Longevity System, is already being called THE BIBLE OF JOINT MOBILITY. Even athletes and fitness enthusiasts suffer from injuries and joint pains! But these pains are entirely avoidable if you perform a simple routine of joint mobility exercises for several minutes each day. Free to Move teaches you the basics of this system, as well as the crucial progression you can follow to regain your full, natural range of motion. By following the plan contained in this book, you will release the abundant energy that is already within you and unlock your body's limitless healing potential. You can have the best nutrition in the world, but if you don't move each joint through its full range of motion daily those nutrients won't reach the tissues that are starved for it. Free to Move teaches you how to decompress each of the joints in order to bathe them in nutritive and lubricative synovial fluid, shipping that crucial nutrition in and waste products out. If you perform this simple program for as little as 8 minutes per day, you drink from a FOUNTAIN OF WELLNESS which extends longevity by slowing - and in some cases reversing - the typical accelerated aging process.
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