Павел Цацулин / Pavel Tsatsouline - From Russia with Tough Love. Pavel\'s Kettlebell Workout for a Femme Fatale (Гиревой спорт, Гири, Фитнес) [2002, PDF, ENG]

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Pavel Tsatsouline - From Russia with Tough Love. Pavel's Kettlebell Workout for a Femme Fatale
Год: 2002
Автор: Pavel Tsatsouline / Павел Цацулин
Жанр: Гиревой спорт, Гири, Фитнес
Издательство: Dragon Door Publications
ISBN: 0938045431, 978-0938045434
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Количество страниц: 152
Описание (EN): In Russia, kettlebells have long been revered as the fitness-tool of choice for Olympic athletes, elite special forces and martial artists. The kettlebell’s ballistic movement challenges the body to achieve an unparalleled level of physical conditioning and overall strength.
But until now, the astonishing benefits of the Russian kettlebell have been unavailable to all but a few women. Kettlebells have mostly been the sacred preserve of the male professional athlete, the military and other hardcore types. That’s about to change, as Russian fitness expert and best selling author Pavel, delivers the first-ever kettlebell program for women.
It’s wild, but women really can have it all when they access the magical power of Russian kettlebells. Pavel’s uncompromising workouts give across-the-board, simultaneous, spectacular and immediate results for all aspects of physical fitness: strength, speed, endurance, fat-burning, you name it. Kettlebells deliver any and everything a woman could want—if she wants to be in the best-shape-ever of her life.
And one handy, super-simple tool—finally available in woman-friendly sizes—does it all. No bulky, expensive machines. No complicated gizmos. No time-devouring trips to the gym.
Just some of what From Russia with Tough Love reveals:
- How the Snatch eliminates cellulite, firms your butt, and gives you the cardio-ride of a lifetime
- How to get as strong as you want, without bulking up
- How the Swing melts your fat and blasts your hips ‘n thighs
- The real secret to great muscle tone
- How to supercharge your heart and lungs without aerobics
- How to shrink your waist with the Power Breathing Crunch
- How the Deck Squat makes you super flexible
- An incredible exercise to tone your arms and shoulders
- The cardio and fat-burning powers of the Clean-and Press
- The Overhead Squat for explosive leg strength
- How to think yourself stronger—yes, really!
- The queen of situps—for those who can hack it
- Cool combination exercises that deliver an unbelievable muscular and cardiovascular workout in zero time
- An unreal drill for a powerful and flexible waist, back, and hips
- How to perform multiple mini-sessions for fast-lane fitness
Описание (RU): Программа занятий с гирями для женщин, которую разработал Павел Цацулин с учетом женских особенностей и проблемных зон. В книге вы найдете упражнения, которые помогут вам "сжечь" жир, увеличить силу, улучшить мышечный тонус, рельеф и кровообращение.

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