T. Venuto / Т. Венуто - The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program / Как нарастить мышцы и сжечь жир одновременно [2010, PDF, ENG]

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The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program / Как нарастить мышцы и сжечь жир одновременно
Год: 2010
Автор: T. Venuto / Т. Венуто
Жанр: фитнес
Издательство: Holy Grail Body Transformation Dot Com, Fitness Renaissance, LLC
ISBN: отсутствует (электронная книга)
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 109
Книга есть и в аудиоварианте (ссылку см. ниже).

Полное описание на английском языке

They Told You It Was Impossible To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle At The Same Time... They Were Wrong!
New Breakthrough In "Cyclical Dieting" And "Nutrient Timing" Flips Your Metabolic and Hormonal Switches, Allowing You To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Dangerous Drugs... Even If You Don't Have Fitness Model Genetics
You may have a lot of weight to lose (body fat), but weight loss is not all there is to a body transformation.
Many people are not seriously overweight, but they are seriously unhappy because their body is soft and flabby without tone and firmness. Fat loss with muscle gain is exactly what these people need.
You've probably been told for years that it's impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, but that's a load of bull! If you couldn't achieve this elusive goal in the past, it's simply because you didn't have the right nutritional strategies.
The best part is, once you understand how to use these techniques for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain, you can also use them if your goal is strictly fat loss. How? By using even one or two of these techniques, you'll be able to hold onto every ounce of your precious muscle tissue when you're dieting.
And if your goal is muscle gain, but you want to avoid gaining "bulk" (adding fat with the muscle), this new approach works brilliantly for gaining pure solid lean muscle, without fat gain.
In summary, when you use my new transformation system, it will allow you to:
  • Lose fat without losing muscle
  • Gain muscle without gaining fat
  • Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time!
Maybe you're thinking, "wait a minute, I thought it was impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Don't you need a calorie deficit to burn fat and a calorie surplus to build muscle?"
Well, yes - calories do matter - but it's much more complicated than just calories because of factors such as within-day energy balance, hormonal response and "energy partitioning."
I've been studying these complex interactions of nutrition and training with metabolism and hormones for almost 21 years, but I was just like you - I was equally skeptical that significant concurrent muscle gains and fat losses could be achieved by anyone other than genetic superiors or performance-enhancing drug users.
It was these extraordinary contest results achieved by ordinary people - naturally - that prompted me to search for the common denominators in body composition transformations. I also dug into the scientific literature to create a new program so that you could duplicate these results yourself. The program was named...
This is a new type of body transformation system that has just been published for the first time in digital format (e-book and MP3 audio), so you can download the program instantly, read or listen to it in an afternoon and get started the same day.
But before you download the program or even read the rest of this letter, I have to warn you. This not an easy goal to achieve and I have no miracles to offer you inside this new book. This is a serious and very strategic program for committed people who are analytical thinkers and hard workers.
Concurrent muscle gain and fat loss is the most difficult goal to achieve. That's why people call it the "Holy Grail"; because it's so elusive. But...
That's exactly why I created this new program.
The Holy Grail Body Transformation System is the first course of its kind that builds on the foundational fat-burning principles, adds muscle-building techniques and then puts it all together in a highly strategic system for gaining muscle and burning fat simultaneously, while explaining the process scientifically...
With that, let me give you a closer look at what you'll learn inside the Holy Grail program...
The Holy Grail system is delivered in an instantly-downloadable PDF e-book AND a downloadable MP3 audio edition.
The CORE of this program is a nutrition plan that most people have never seen before, based on cyclical dieting and nutrient timing.
But the Holy Grail program doesn't stop with nutrient timing advice you may have heard before. This goes far beyond post workout nutrition, into the new realm of nutritional periodization.
New discoveries in the emerging sciences of within-day-energy balance, nutrient timing and natural hormonal manipulation have pointed the way to a proven method for achieving simultaneous muscle gain with fat loss...
Mark my words, this is going to become the next big thing - a whole new science of nutrition to achieve a goal that countless experts and trainees had written off as impossible.
Here's a Sample of This New Body Transformation Science That You'll Discover Inside the Holy Grail Body Transformation System e-book:
  • Why most people - even fitness pros and dieticians - are dead wrong about the biology behind losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time... and why you MUST understand the true "temporal mechanism" or you'll never have a prayer at deliberately achieving this elusive goal
  • Why you MUST understand "energy partitioning" - the fat-burning, muscle-building process BEYOND CALORIES-IN vs CALORIES OUT!... this is the key to forcing your body to drive energy and protein INTO MUSCLE CELLS and pull calories OUT OF FAT CELLS!
  • The power of hormones to dramatically shift fat to muscle... discover what steps you must take to achieve hormonal control for maximum muscle growth and fat loss... this is MUST-HAVE information because if your hormones are out of whack, the game is over
  • The 4 "X Factors" of concurrent muscle gain and fat loss - these are the special conditions that allow above average muscle gains while losing fat at the same time... and there's good news and bad news about the X Factors that you need to know before you get started
  • The 5 "X2 Factors" that influence your ability to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time... They all depend on your current body composition (lean or fat) and dieting status (dieted down or not dieted down)... Depending on which category you're in, it can totally change your approach
  • Why you almost never gain muscle in a continuous calorie deficit... and the one exception that allowed a group of overweight women to lose fat and gain muscle while eating 800 calories a day (I don't recommend this, but the lessons from this case study are valuable)
  • How to choose the right body transformation goal: should you focus on burning fat, gaining muscle or doing both at the same time? If you pursue the wrong goal, you'll be wasting time and you might even get fatter
  • How to steal the proven system of training periodization from world class athletes and apply it to your muscle-building and fat-burning goals... Plus, how nutritional periodization might be the single biggest breakthrough for building muscle and burning fat at the same time - This is a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH!
  • 5 post-workout nutrition strategies to improve muscle growth and optimize recovery from your workouts... Forget fancy post workout nutrition calculations or expensive supplements - these tips are so easy to apply, you'll kick yourself for ever thinking this was complicated
  • Carb tapering and carb targeting strategies explained for 2010... These are the latest updates to the time-tested techniques used by some of the best bodybuilders, fitness models and figure competitors in the world
  • Cycle dieting techniques under the microscope... find out which methods work and which ones will actually make you fatter
  • The 5-point weight training optimization checklist: Compare your workout to these MUST-HAVE conditions for gaining muscle while stripping fat... see what's missing, plug the holes, and watch your results explode!
  • 4 reasons why cardio can help you gain more muscle, if you do it right... and why you will get weaker and smaller if you do it wrong
  • The 8-point cardio power plan: follow these 8 guidelines and you can't go wrong with your cardio program
  • 8 carb-cycling menu plans... all DONE FOR YOU, laid out meal by meal, calculated for precision and results (appendix 1)
  • 4 calorie calculators... use the instant quick method or crunch the numbers for greater precision - it's your choice... all the formulas are provided for you (appendix 2)
The HOLY GRAIL is the type of strategic program that you NEVER discover casually on your own. It's the result of meticulous scientific investigation combined with years of experimentation, testing and tweaking. If you get lucky and "accidentally" gain muscle while losing fat, you'll have no clue how you did it, which means you won't be able to do it again and you won't be able to explain how you did it to others.
If you want the shortest, fastest, straightest path to muscle building and fat burning success, you need a guide...a plan, a roadmap... and the Holy Grail e-book is it.
If you're serious about physique transformation, then grabbing a copy of The Holy Grail Body Transformation system is a no brainer decision. And to sweeten the deal, I've built two fantastic bonuses right into the Holy Grail program:
HOT! Special Bonuses Inside The Holy Grail...
Bonus #1: T.N.B. (The New Bodybuilding) Workout
Tom Venuto's NEW WORKOUT SYSTEM - "TNB" Training - As Seen in Men's Fitness Magazine is the perfect way to train while following the Holy Grail nutrition plan and it works like a charm for women too (FREE! Inside the bonus section of the e-book)
You may have no interest in bodybuilding, however, you probably wouldn't mind adding a little more muscle and sculpting a physique that's both strong and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, like some of the top physique athletes and fitness champs.
Bodybuilding training is not for everyone, but it does takes a very specialized program to develop a symmetrical, beautifully-proportioned physique and everyone can take some hints from physique athletes. On the other hand, training like a pro bodybuilder is a prescription for failure for the average person.
Finally, there's a new approach to building a classical physique that borrows a few old school muscle techniques and combines it with a new approach for regular guys and gals. It's called, "The New Bodybuilding" (TNB training) and it's yours FREE with the Holy Grail program
Bonus #2: Burn The Fat 2.0 Super Food Data Base
Far more than just an ordinary food data base, the Burn The Fat 2.0 Food Guide is a spectacular meal planning and nutrition education tool.
Compiled painstakingly by hand, more than 300 foods were carefully selected and placed into specific food categories which help you make distinctions between good carbs and bad carbs, better foods and best foods. You'll have instant access to food portion sizes and volumes in both metric and imperial units as well as nutrient data for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber.
The Burn The Fat 2.0 food guide is the most comprehensive "clean food" data base we have ever compiled. Use it to make the best food choices possible every day. You'll get healthier, leaner and you'll never be bored with your meal plans again.

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