Keti Sharif’s 1001 Bellydance Moves Box Set of 3 DVDRips [2008 г., танец живота, обучающее видео, DVDRip]

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Keti Sharif’s 1001 Bellydance Moves Box Set of 3 DVDRips
Год выпуска: 2008
Страна: Australia
Жанр: танец живота, обучающее видео
Продолжительность: 4 часа 23 минуты
Язык: английский
Описание: Three great core instructional DVDs in one box!
1. Slow moves 2. Fast Moves 3. Travelling moves
1001 Bellydance Moves is a staple instructional tool for every bellydancer's DVD library - three great dvds. Keti Sharif guides you through 101 core moves for bellydancing, each in ten easy steps. There are three sections – Slow moves, Fast moves and Traveling moves. There are three dvds in one box, which offer
four and half hours of step-by-step instruction with Keti. This is a great tuition! An entertaining, educational instructional DVD to improve your base of dance techniques. useful for dancers of all levels and interested in all genres of Egyptian style dance.
«1001 движение беллидэнса» Кети Шариф – это кейс из трех видео:
«Медленные движения» ( продолжительностью 122 минуты),
«Быстрые акцентированные движения» (65 минут) и
«Движения с перемещением и переступанием» (76 минут).
Это прекрасное методическое пособие, пошаговая инструкция и основной обучающий инструмент по беллидэнсу для улучшения базовой танцевальной техники. Кети разбивает каждое движение на 10 последовательно выполняемых элементов, и показывает их в медленном темпе, по порядку следования, сопровождая объяснением, какие мышцы включаются в это движение, как ими нужно работать, куда нужно смещать вес тела и т. д. В каждом из трех видео на Кети надет разный костюм – белый, красный и бирюзовый . Все движения объясняются лицом и спиной к зрителю, затем она демонстрирует их под музыку. Каждому движению уделяется примерно 2 минуты объяснения, а затем короткий танцевальный показ под музыку. Музыка -- с 2-х CD Omar Kamel’s SunDance & MoonRise. Эти три видео должны быть в видео-коллекции каждого исполнителя беллидэнса, потому что здесь собраны не только все ключевые техники танца живота, но еще и приводятся подробные инструкции, как работать с тростью и вуалью. Полезны для исполнителей всех уровней танца живота, которые интересуются египетским танцевальным стилем.
Ниже приводится список всех разучиваемых движений в каждой из трех программ (не по порядку следования). Всего 101 движение.
Список медленных движений в программе SLOW MOVES:

скрытый текст

1. Shoulder roll single
2. Shoulder roll alternating
3. Snake arms outstretched
4. Snake arms full range
5. Classic arms
6. Arm circles upward flow down
7. Arm wave and circle
8. Arm reach out and flow down
9. Wrist roll
10. Snake hands
11. Lotus hands
12. Chest circle
13. Chest and shoulder figure eight
14. Chest undulation
15. Full body undulation
16. Lower abdominal undulation
17. Deep lean back undulation
18. Reverse undulation
19. Belly Roll
20. Hip circle medium
21. Pelvic circle
22. Hip circle large
23. Figure eight inwards, vertical
24. Figure eight inward horizontal
25. Figure eight inward vertical
26. Figure eight outward (maya)
27. Rolling figure eight front/back
28. Figure eights down and up
29. Roll over undulation
30. One sided hip circle
31. Jewel Egyptian move
32. Head slide
33. Head circle
Список быстрых акцентированных движений в программе FAST MOVES:

скрытый текст

34. Hip accent chonk downward
35. Hip accent double chonk split
36. Hip accent thrust to side
37. Hip accents alternating
38. Double accent thrust to side
39. Hip accents to side high/low
40. Hip drop plain
41. Hip drop wahda we noss
42. Hip Arc
43. Hip drop in line
44. Hip drop in circle
45. Split hip drop
46. Hip lift
47. Hip lift front and back
48. Hip shimmy
49. Egyptian downward shimmy
50. Thigh concentrated shimmy
51. Turkish twist shimmy
52. Samba shimmy
53. Hip slide shimmy
54. Side to side hip shimmy
55. Hip shimmy front/back
56. Hip circle shimmy
57. One sided hip shimmy
58. Turkish front back shimmy
59. Lebanese tuck back accent
60. Egyptian tummy pop
61. Chest pop accent
62. Shoulder accents alternating
63. Shoulder accent one side
64. Shoulder shimmy
65. Circular shoulder shimmy
66. Shoulder shimmy chest raise
67. Side to side shoulder shimmy
68. One sided shoulder shimmy
Список движений с перемещением и переступанием в программе TRAVELLING MOVES:

скрытый текст

69. Step/point
70. Triple step
71. Egyptian shimmy walk
72. Afro-Egyptian tuck back walk
73. Arabesque step
74. Three step traveling turn
75. Three step turn butterfly arms
76. Quick step turn on the spot
77. 180 degree rotation step turn
78. Hip over step to side
79. Figure eight step to side
80. Hip circle step to side
81. One hip circle rolling step side
82. Accented tuck back step side
83. Hip lift shimmy step to side
84. Camel walk undulating step
85. Camel walk alternating levels
86. Camel walk with shimmy
87. Camel walk alternating speed
88. Undulating step foot crossed
89. Egyptian pelvic undulating step
90. Chonk steps to the side
91. Circular undulations
92. Undulations forward side on
93. Undulations forward alternating
94. Side step with chest circle
95. Twirling the saiidi cane
96. Hitting saiidi cane and turning
97. Twirling the veil
98. Veil flicks to side and twirl
99. Butterfly veil
100. Zaar trance movement
101. Dramatic turn grand finale
Keti’s Biography: Dance, History, Culture and Ancient Arts

скрытый текст

I was born in Perth, Western Australia on September 15th 1969. My background is a Mediterranean mix; a Macedonian-Greek mother and a Croatian-Serbian father. The first time I saw a bellydancer was when my father - a music producer and sound engineer - sponsored the famous Romany Gypsy singer/dancer Esma on an Australian tour. Dance and music was an integral part of life as I grew up in suburban Australia and was exposed to a variety of cultural arts and musical styles through our multicultural family and friends.
My passion for dance began when I was 17, when I took my first Oriental dance lesson.The music and shape of Arabic dance fascinated me and I quickly got swept up in thefestive aspect of it all! I danced for the sheer joy of it - the celebration, the fun, the sense of discovery. Becoming a performer was never a 'planned' career, but it opened the door to the world for me. Dance became the pacemaker in my life - I literally moved to wherever it took me. I've lived in Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and now, Egypt. In my twenties I spent many years 'living out of a suitcase full of sequins' and travelled extensively. In my dancing days, some of the people and events I performed for were amazing - including The King of Malaysia, Crown Prince of Selangor, Prince of Pahang, Malaysia's Prime Minister, Princess of Morocco, Prince of Oman plus contracts at the Cairo Ramses Hilton, Star Cruises Asia Pacific and the world's largest Casino - Genting Highlands.
As my career took shape as a dance performer and teacher, world culture and 'living art' became my favourite subjects; seeing how people expressed themselves through the arts in everyday life and through cultural celebration. Spending many years researching dance, I integrated my studies with a BA in Fine Art History, focusing on geometry, music-space relationships and Islamic pattern in art and architecture. Sufism and ancient religions fascinated me too - particularly the ways dance and music were part of the mystic experience. In Singapore, I explored Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian philosophies and their intrinsic music, movement and meditation patterns. I opened dance studios in Australia and Singapore and worked with choreographers in Egypt, where I also began hosting tours. It was a wonderful way to meet and teach people from different countries, and therefore construct a universal teaching language. Travel, teaching, performance, people - I enjoyed them all immensely, yet needed to simplify my activities to embrace new forms of creativity that were emerging.
Possibly the most defining time in my life was when I decided to stop performing and consolidate my research in ways that would help others. Although performance and palaces were wonderful, they were rather self-indulgent and my priorities had shifted over the years. So I developed systems for teaching dance based on my cultural knowledge and understanding of music, using fractal geometry and the core moves to express all styles of Oriental and folkloric dance.This became known as A-Z Bellydance, and because it evolved into a transferable 'dance language' I sold my studios and produced instructional videos instead - my 'virtual studio'! I was pleased that so many teachers around the world started using and sharing the information. I also wrote a book - 'BELLYDANCE' published by Allen and Unwin. It was satisfying to see the research collated into an accessible format that presented Middle Eastern dance from a rhythmic, historic and cultural perspective.
To celebrate the transformative power of dance, Pulse8 Fitness and AstroBelly were created. AstroBelly incorporates elements of symbolism with bellydance.Pulse8 programs utilise powerful moves from various cultural dance styles. With the help of the main A-Z team (Renate Van Dordrecht, Jilyan Andersen and Suzanne Oehlers) who have created courses, A-Z teachers broadening networks worldwide, and the artistic assistance of talented musicians (and film-makers) like Omar Kamel, bringing these ideas to fruition is possible. I believe that bridging the gap between dance arts and wellbeing - linking them in a complimentary fashion - will become more evident in years to come.
Sphinx Festival, Egypt
In 2009, my main project is the SPHINX FESTIVAL in Egypt - themed "Essential Egypt", which explores Egyptology, Dance, Music and Science. Its an ultimate culmination of the roots of dance and culture since ancient times, and the creative new vision for artists.
Biography - Dance, History, Culture & Ancient Art
Фотографии Кети с фестиваля

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1001 Bellydance Moves - Slow Moves Demo
1001 Bellydance Moves - Fast Moves Demo
1001 Bellydance Moves - Traveling Moves Demo
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