Paul Chek - Gym Instructor Series: Core Conditioning Back & Ball Vol.1 Pt. 2 [2005 г., фитнес, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоуроки)

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Paul Chek
Gym Instructor Series: Core Conditioning Back & Ball Vol.1 Pt. 2
- Год выпуска: 2005
Страна: США
Жанр: фитнес
Язык: Английский
Продолжительность: 00:28:10-Описание:
DVD включает в себя 10 любимых упражнений с фитболом известного тренера Paul Chek. Упражнения подойдут для улучшения физической формы любого спортсмена, а так же для пациентов с болью в спине.
Для эффективной работы на мышцы пресса тренировка должна быть сбалансирована, именно для этого Пол вам объяснит: Правильное позиционирование и осуществление методик для достижения наилучших результатов.
- -Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео: 640x480 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 65 ~2349 kbps avg, 0.32 bit/pixel
Аудио: MPEG-1 Audio layer 3, 128 Kbps, CBR, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch.

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DVD - Gym Instructor Series: Core Conditioning Back & Ball Vol.1 Pt. 2
This DVD includes 10 of Paul Chek's favorite Swiss ball exercises for improving core function in any athlete or back pain patient.
For a core that functions well, the strong abdominals must be balanced with strong back musculature. This DVD describes: Proper positioning and exercise modification for the best results with back hyper-extensions, How and why reverse hyper-extensions are performed & Isolation to integration with the reverse wood chop exercise.-Paul Chek, HHP, NMT

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. For over twenty years, Paul’s unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed.
Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California, USA.
Speaker and Consultant:
Paul is a sought after international presenter and consultant for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders and the US Air Force Academy. His information is not only cutting-edge, but also very applicable. Students leave his classes with information they can use, and achieve results with right away. Paul was the keynote speaker for the New Zealand Musculoskeletal Conference in 1998 and was and rated number one speaker by participants at the 1998 IHRSA conference, out of 85 speakers.
Paul has produced over 50 videos and 16 advanced-level home study courses designed for the fitness and clinical professional. He is a regular contributor to several publications and websites, such as, Personal Training on the Net and New Zealand Fitness.
Paul is a strong believer in the essential role provided by practical training. He has developed four advanced level certification programs to provide hands-on instruction for the exercise and health industries. The CHEK Exercise Coach program introduces fitness and exercise professionals to an integrated approach to conditioning; the C.H.E.K Certification Program is a two- to four-year advanced level program teaching corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning; the Golf Biomechanics Intensive focuses on functional conditioning for golfers; Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program is the newest course with three levels of education in how to reach optimal health from the inside out. Over 1000 people worldwide have been trained in one or more of these challenging and elite level certification programs.

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GeneralComplete name : Paul Check Core Conditioning Back and Ball Training\Core Conditioning Back and Ball Training_02.aviFormat : AVIFormat/Info : Audio Video InterleaveFile size : 472 MiBDuration : 26mn 32sOverall bit rate : 2 487 KbpsMovie name : Core Conditioning Back and Ball Training_02Writing application : FairUse Wizard
VideoID : 0Format : MPEG-4 VisualFormat profile : Advanced Simple@L5Format settings, BVOP : YesFormat settings, QPel : NoFormat settings, GMC : No warppointsFormat settings, Matrix : CustomCodec ID : XVIDCodec ID/Hint : XviDDuration : 26mn 32sBit rate : 2 350 KbpsWidth : 640 pixelsHeight : 480 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 4:3Frame rate : 23.976 fpsColor space : YUVChroma subsampling : 4:2:0Bit depth : 8 bitsScan type : ProgressiveBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.319Stream size : 446 MiB (94%)Writing library : XviD 65
AudioID : 1Format : MPEG AudioFormat version : Version 1Format profile : Layer 3Mode : Joint stereoCodec ID : 55Codec ID/Hint : MP3Duration : 26mn 32sBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 128 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 KHzStream size : 24.3 MiB (5%)Alignment : Split accross interleavesInterleave, duration : 42 ms (1.00 video frame)Interleave, preload duration : 500 ms
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