(Pop, Classical crossover) Giorgia Fumanti - Дискография: 7 альбомов (2004-2012), MP3, 192-320 kbps



Giorgia Fumanti
Жанр: Pop, Classical crossover
Страна: Италия, Канада
Год издания: 2004 - 2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: image, tracks
Битрейт аудио: 192-320 kbps
Источник (релизер): Найдено в сети

2004 - Like A Dream (VBR ~ 200 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:48:31
01. Psalmus Ode
02. Like a Dream
03. Rachel's Song
04. Come to Me
05. The Friends of Mr. Cairo
06. Voices
07. Losing Sleep
08. So Long Ago, So Clear
09. March with Me
10. Italian Song
11. Prelude

2007 - From My Heart (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:49:35
01. Your Love - Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West
02. Peace of Heaven
03. A Rose Among Thorns - Theme from The Mission
04. Campi D'Oro - Italian translation of Sting's Fields of Gold
05. Il Mare Calmo Della Sera
06. I've Dreamed of You
07. Espiritu
08. My Heart and I
09. For Always
10. Aria
11. Cinema Paradiso - Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso
12. Volero

2007 - From My Heart (Japanese Version) (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:52:36
01. A Rose among Thorns (Var. on "Nella Fantasia" from The Mission)
02. Campi d’Oro (Italian trans. Of Sting’s "Fields of Gold")
03. Espiritu
04. Aria
05. Cinema Paradiso (Love theme from Cimena Paradiso)
06. Peace of Heaven
07. Il Mare Calmo della Sera
08. I've Dreamed of You
09. My Heart and I
10. For Always
11. Your Love (Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West, "C’era una volta la terramia")
12. Volero
13. Ave Maria (Japan Bonus Track)

2008 - Je Suis (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 01:01:20
01. Aranjuez mon amour
02. Ton Ange
03. Adagio (version française)
04. De rêve en rêverie
05. Notturno
06. Caruso
07. Elle tu l'aimes
08. La maison sous les arbres
09. Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin
10. Me Ramène à ton amour
11. Le plus grand amour qui soit
12. Adagio (italian version)
13. Ave Maria
14. Je n’ai que ma voix

2009 - Magnificat (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:49:21
01. Magnificat
02. Ave Maria (Caccini)
03. In Trutina
04. Ninna Nanna
05. Going Home
06. Ave Maria
07. Good Night My Angel
08. What A Wonderful World
09. Astro Del Ciel (Sainte Nuit)
10. Minuit Chrétien
11. Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)
12. Psalmus Ode

2011 - Elysium (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:53:59
01. Dream A Dream
02. L'Amore Vincera
03. Somewhere In Time
04. Spente Le Stelle
05. Endless Love
06. I Have A Dream
07. Elogia
08. Nessun Dorma
09. Caruso
10. The Prayer
11. I Knew I Loved You
12. You Raise Me Up
13. The Rose

2012 - Collection (2 CD) (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 01:11:41+01:14:38
Disc 1:
01. Your Love
02. What a Wonderful World
03. In Trutina
04. Notturno
05. Ninna Nanna
06. Goodnight My Angel
07. Going Home
08. Rose
09. Ave Maria
10. Adagio
11. Caruso
12. La Maison Sous Les Arbres
13. Evergreen
14. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
15. Bridge Over Troubled Water
16. Moon Represents My Heart
17. Crescent Moon
18. Qing Zhang Highland
Disc 2:
01. Spente le Stelle
02. Espiritu
03. Dream a Dream
04. March With Me
05. Conquest of paradise
06. You Raise Me Up
07. I Have A Dream
08. Voices
09. L'Amore Vincera
10. Prayer
11. Nessun Dorma
12. Psalmus Ode
13. Butterfly
14. Ti Aspettero
15. Hare Rama Mantra

Биография (англ.)

“I want my music to be an expression of my soul and for my voice to communicate deep emotions to a large audience all over the world, to all races, all religions and all nations”.
Giorgia Fumanti, with her magnificent long dark hair highlighted by purple streaks, her sparkling bright blue eyes, her magnetic stage presence and her angelic voice that communicates directly from her heart, possesses a very special gift.
This beautiful Italian soprano is a woman of many dimensions. Giorgia Fumanti is largely inspired by the works of Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and other noted film composers, as well as being an accomplished composer and songwriter. Many have erred when trying to label her music style as Classical, World or Pop. In fact, her music deftly incorporates all of these styles which result in a harmonious combination that is distinctly her own.
Born in the medieval village of Fivizzano in Tuscany, she grew up in the nearby small city of Aulla at the foot of the 13th century castle Fortezza della Brunella, where her family still resides and in Monterosso al Mare, a small town in one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, the famed Cinque Terre. “As a child, my grandmother would sing for me, to comfort me when I was sick and help me fall asleep in the evenings. I still remember how her soft voice touched me and how she inspired me to become the singer that I am today”.
Giorgia describes herself as an extremely shy child who did not start to sing until the age of 16 when she auditioned for the church choir in her home town of Aulla. It was only at this time that to the surprise of everyone she discovered that she had this special gift. The choir director noticed her vocal talents immediately and without hesitation gave her the role of soloist. After two years she joined the famous award-winning choir Il Convitto Armonico, known primarily for its ancient and medieval music in La Spezia, Italy.
Giorgia also studied law to please her parents and only two exams left to completing her degree.
Her experience as a Yoga instructor and certified Reiki Master, coupled with her work among disabled children, helped refocus her life and define her uniqueness. As a direct result of her personal development and enriching life experiences, Giorgia literally redefined her own musical direction, with influences from a wide spectrum of sources including ethnic, classical, world and pop music. “This enabled me to discover the depths of my heart and soul before turning to the serious study of music.”
The year 2002 would mark the beginning of a major turning point for Giorgia. Maurice Velenosi, who would later become Giorgia’s manager was handed a demo track by Italian superstar Zucchero. The female voice on the demo was that of Giorgia. “The minute I heard her voice, I knew there was something very special about this singer. It was not only about a beautiful voice but also about the emotions her voice carried. Her voice simply touched me. I knew she was destined to be a major star.”
Giorgia studied voice at the highly esteemed Music Conservatory of Parma, Italy, as well as with other private vocal coaches in Italy, and subsequently in Canada and the USA.
Traveling back and forth between Italy and Canada over the next two years while working on her first album, Giorgia was slowly being groomed for international stardom. On January 25, 2003, she achieved a personal triumph when she performed a solo concert for the first time in her home city of Aulla. The over-capacity audience at the theatre greeted Giorgia with one standing ovation after another.
As a sign of her rising international recognition, in March 2003 Giorgia was one of the brightest stars to perform at the prestigious mega-televised concert, Les Divas du Québec, thrilling the packed house with her magnetic stage presence, charismatic style and extraordinary voice. A CD of this celebrated event was released in May 2003.
That same year, Giorgia’s song Écoute-moi was also selected to be part of the international CD compilation entitled Drop the Debt, created to promote cancellation of the Third World Debt. Artists from all over the world participated in this project.
In December, Giorgia electrified an audience of several thousand enraptured music lovers with a special two-concert Christmas show at Montreal’s world-famous St. Joseph’s Oratory. This landmark performance included a symphony orchestra, a children’s choir and an adult choir (over 150 musicians and choir members on stage). Giorgia’s performance in the Oratory’s magnificent Basilica was a revelation to the audience, who greeted her with a multitude of standing ovations. Her success continued with two concerts in February 2004 at The Montreal Highlights Festival. On both occasions the ecstatic audiences were spellbound by Giorgia’s sublime voice and charismatic personality.
Giorgia’s debut album, Like A Dream, released in 2004, contains masterpieces written by one of this generation’s most prolific composers: Vangelis. A stunning production achievement, this album overflows with lyrical beauty and soaring music. From the deeply spiritual Psalmus Ode, to the mysterious The Friends of Mr. Cairo, to the hauntingly beautiful Like A Dream, the album contains Vangelis’ best creations. Giorgia’s superb soprano voice literally transports the listeners to another world -- a world of peace, beauty, harmony and spiritual discovery. Like A Dream was recorded both in Montreal and at Abbey Road Studios in London with the participation of the world famous English Chamber Choir under the direction of Guy Protheroe. Many talented musicians from the Cirque du Soleil have also collaborated on this album.
That same year, Giorgia toured South Korea, Japan, India, Italy and Canada, giving a series of concerts and helping to promote the release of her debut album Like A Dream. Notably, she performed with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra at the prestigious Seoul Arts Center and with the MBC Pops Orchestra in Seoul. Her much-heralded appearance with the MBC Pops Orchestra was broadcast throughout South Korea. Giorgia’s voice can also be heard on the Korean movie soundtrack CD My Mother Mermaid. That summer, Giorgia toured as guest soloist with the Russian Red Army Choir from Moscow.
In the fall of 2004, Giorgia recorded a concert for her first TV Special for Bravo that was televised nationally in Canada. In December of that same year, she was named world Ambassador for the Cerebral Palsy Association.
In February 2005, Giorgia returned to Montreal to grace audiences with her presence once again at the prestigious 2005 Montreal Highlights Festival. Throughout 2005, Giorgia performed regularly in Canada as well as giving concerts in Italy, Taiwan and South Korea.
In the fall of 2006, Giorgia signed her first major recording contract with EMI and, between studio sessions at Abbey Road in London and at Wisseloord in The Netherlands, Giorgia found time to perform at the Jeonju Sori Festival with the Iksam Philharmonic Orchestra (filmed for TV broadcast and aired, on prime time, on National MBC TV in Asia) and at the Arirang Festival in Korea. She also toured Taiwan that same year.
The recording of her debut EMI album was completed in 2007. It was an extremely busy year for Giorgia Fumanti: participation in a PBS Major Donor Concert Tour in the USA; guest appearances in over 20 concerts in Canada with pianist, Richard Abel; a second tour in Taiwan; and a breathtaking first tour in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa) to promote the release of her debut EMI album, From My Heart, coupled with 4 concerts in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In November she recorded the PBS TV Special and DVD Heavenly Voicesat the Gusman Center in Miami for EMI.
José Carreras, the greatest lyric tenor of our time, who was taken by her exceptional voice, invited Giorgia to join his Asian tour (South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong). Performing in front of 15,000 people, Giorgia performed five solo songs during the concerts, in addition to joining the famous tenor for several duets. For Giorgia, sharing the stage with such a magnificent and warm voice was truly a beautiful and enriching experience. In particular, the duets were stunning and both Giorgia Fumanti and José Carreras literally ignited the audience with their voices. Mr. Carreras was enthusiastic to say the least, about Ms. Fumanti’s talent and said, “It was a pleasure working with you, with such a voice I am sure you have a great career in front of you.” Upon her return, Giorgia was invited to sing the Canadian National Anthem at the prestigious NHL All-Star Game in Dallas.
With the release of her new album From My Heart and the Heavenly Voices DVD in over 20 countries, Giorgia Fumanti toured the USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong to promote the release of her album and for performances. The album entered the Top 20 – Billboard Crossover Chart, went to No. 1 in South Africa and Japan and hit the Top 20 in Canada. Later that year (in June), she joined once again José Carreras in London at the Hampton Court Festival, performed with Lang Lang at Lake Las Vegas and toured with the famed 12 Girls Band from China for over 40 concerts in Japan, the USA and Canada.
Giorgia also performed for former ex Vice President Al Gore in connection with the Climate Group, for the Governors of Georgia, Texas and Nevada, as well as for Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in New York.
China has become a big fan of Giorgia Fumanti. Over the last 18 months, she has performed and toured there many times, mainly performing for the 2007 Special Olympics closing ceremonies in Shanghai where she interpreted the games’ theme song before 40 000 as well as performing at the official announcement of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Both events were televised across China and neighboring countries hitting an estimated viewing audience of 800,000 million. She also participated in the 2008 Chinese New Year All Star Concert that was televised in February 2008 all over mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South East Asia, Canada and the USA with a viewing audience of over… 1 billion !
In April 2008, Greece vibrated to the sound of the enchantress Fumanti during her seduction of Athenians assembled for two memorable concerts in which she shared the stage with none other than Lucio Dalla, Mario Frangoulis, and Justin Hayward (Moody Blues). Some days later, Giorgia performed at the National Centre of Performing Arts with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra and famous Chinese tenor Yu Qiang Dai. In August, Giorgia performed at the Beijing Olympics which was televised worldwide by CCTV. In October, Giorgia returned to China to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the prestigious Nanning Festival in Nanning, China, for CCTV and again in Beijing for BTV in December 2008. In the fall of 2008, Giorgia Fumanti undertook a series of concerts across the United States beside Italian singer Patrizio Buanne. 2008 saw Giorgia perform in China, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Canada and the USA.
Yukari Nakano, famous Japanese figure skating champion used Giorgia Fumanti’s song Aria in her Exhibition Programs across the world in 2008.
November 18, 2008 marked a turning point in young Giorgia Fumanti’s career when she proudly released Je Suis, her first all French album comprising 14 superb songs, harmoniously produced by the illustrious Guy St-Onge. The album went to the top 20 album sales chart in Canada.
In December 2008, Giorgia also appeared as a special guest on the PBS TV Christmas Special titled Sharing Christmas with John McDermott and Friends.
Giorgia Fumanti was also selected to sing the theme song (Better City, Better Life) of the 2010 World Expo of Shanghai, presented for the first time on national TV on May 1, 2009 (One Year Countdown to the World Expo) beside China’s most famous baritone Liao Chang Yong. The theme song is also being used as part of the ad campaign for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo which will run from May 2009 to October 2010.
2009 – 2010 Giorgia will embark on a world tour that will take her to South America, Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and South East Asia. Giorgia is currently working on her new international album due for release in 2010.
“It is so simple and true the desire I have to sing for you… From My Heart to Your Heart. Just like when my grandmother sang for me when I was a child and she was able to take me into a Special place…a place of peace, freedom and love. Now my desire is to take you into this Special place where our hearts are free and united. I hope to touch and inspire you with all the Magic that music makes me feel. From my heart to yours.”
Доп. информация: Представляю вашему вниманию волшебное сопрано замечательной итальянской певицы Джорджиа Фуманти. Как пишут о ней критики, это дамский аналог Андреа Боччелли. Поверьте, это не преувеличение. Она поет божественно!
В настоящем релизе представлены шесть альбомов, составляющих на данный момент полную официальную дискографию певицы. Рекомендуется всем любителям Sarah Brighman, Sasha Lazard, Emma Shapplin, Katherine Jenkins, Charlotte Church.
Официальный сайт: http://www.giorgiafumanti.com/

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