(Classical/Piano) Chopin/Шопен - The Piano Works - Ballades, Impromptus, Scherzos, Waltzes, Preludes, Nocturnes, Piano Concertos (Dang Thai Son) - 2005, MP3 (tracks) 320 kbps

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Frederic Chopin - The Piano Works (Dang Thai Son) Жанр: Classical/Piano
Год издания: 2005
Издатель (лейбл): JVC
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 07:21:57
Источник: lossless
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да

CD1 - Ballades, etc

01.Ballade No.1 in g-moll, Op.23
02.Ballade No.2 in F-dur, Op.38
03.Ballade No.3 in As-dur, Op.47
04.Ballade No.4 in f-moll, Op.52
05.Bolero, Op.19
06.Tarantelle, Op.43

CD2 - Impromptus, Scherzos

01.Impromptu No.1 in As-dur, Op.29
02.Impromptu No.2 in Fis-dur, Op.36
03.Impromptu No.3 in Ges-dur, Op.51
04.Impromptu No.4 in cis-moll, Op.66 'Fantaisie-Impromptu'
05.Scherzo No.1 in h-moll, Op.20
06.Scherzo No.2 in b-moll, Op.31
07.Scherzo No.3 in cis-moll, Op.39
08.Scherzo No.4 in E-dur, Op.54

CD3 - Waltzes

01.Waltz in Es-dur, Op.18 'Grande valse brillante'
02.Waltz in As-dur, Op.34 No.1 'Valse brillante'
03.Waltz in a-moll, Op.34 No.2
04.Waltz in F-dur, Op.34 No.3 'Valse brillante'
05.Waltz in As-dur, Op.42 'Grande valse'
06.Waltz in Des-dur, Op.64 No.1 'Minute Waltz'
07.Waltz in cis-moll, Op.64 No.2
08.Waltz in As-dur, Op.64 No.3
09.Waltz in As-dur, Op.69 No.1 'L'adieu'
10.Waltz in h-moll, Op.69 No.2
11.Waltz in Ges-dur, Op.70 No.1
12.Waltz in f-moll - As-dur, Op.70 No.2
13.Waltz in Des-dur, Op.70 No.3
14.Waltz in As-dur, Op.posth
15.Waltz in E-dur, Op.posth
16.Waltz in e-moll, Op.posth
17.Waltz in a-moll, Op.posth
18.Waltz in Es-dur, Op.posth
19.Waltz in Es-dur, Op.posth

CD4 - Preludes, etc

01.Prelude No.1 in C-dur, Op.28
02.Prelude No.2 in a-moll, Op.28
03.Prelude No.3 in G-dur, Op.28
04.Prelude No.4 in e-moll, Op.28
05.Prelude No.5 in D-dur, Op.28
06.Prelude No.6 in h-moll, Op.28
07.Prelude No.7 in A-dur, Op.28
08.Prelude No.8 in fis-moll, Op.28
09.Prelude No.9 in E-dur, Op.28
10.Prelude No.10 in cis-moll, Op.28
11.Prelude No.11 in H-dur, Op.28
12.Prelude No.12 in gis-moll, Op.28
13.Prelude No.13 in Fis-dur, Op.28
14.Prelude No.14 in es-moll, Op.28
15.Prelude No.15 in Des-dur, Op.28
16.Prelude No.16 in b-moll, Op.28
17.Prelude No.17 in As-dur, Op.28
18.Prelude No.18 in f-moll, Op.28
19.Prelude No.19 in Es-dur, Op.28
20.Prelude No.20 in c-moll, Op.28
21.Prelude No.21 in B-dur, Op.28
22.Prelude No.22 in g-moll, Op.28
23.Prelude No.23 in F-dur, Op.28
24.Prelude No.24 in d-moll, Op.28
25.Prelude in cis-moll, Op.45
26.Prelude in As-dur, Op.posth.
27.Barcarolle in Fis-dur, Op.60

CD5 - Nocturnes

01.Nocturne No.1 in b-moll, Op.9 No.1
02.Nocturne No.2 in Es-dur, Op.9 No.2
03.Nocturne No.3 in H-dur, Op.9 No.3
04.Nocturne No.4 in F-dur, Op.15 No.1
05.Nocturne No.5 in Fis-dur, Op.15 No.2
06.Nocturne No.6 in g-moll, Op.15 No.3
07.Nocturne No.7 in cis-moll, Op.27 No.1
08.Nocturne No.8 in Des-dur, Op.27 No.2
09.Nocturne No.9 in H-dur, Op.32 No.1
10.Nocturne No.10 in As-dur, Op.32 No.2

CD6 - Nocturnes

01.Nocturne No.11 in g-moll, Op.37 No.1
02.Nocturne No.12 in G-dur, Op.37 No.2
03.Nocturne No.13 in c-moll, Op.48 No.1
04.Nocturne No.14 in fis-moll, Op.48 No.2
05.Nocturne No.15 in f-moll, Op.55 No.1
06.Nocturne No.16 in Es-dur, Op.55 No.2
07.Nocturne No.17 in H-dur, Op.62 No.1
08.Nocturne No.18 in E-dur, Op.62 No.2
09.Nocturne No.19 in e-moll, Op.72 No.1
10.Nocturne in cis-moll, Op.posth
11.Nocturne in c-moll, Op.posth

CD7 - Piano Concertos

Piano Concerto No.1 in e-moll, Op.11
01 - I. Allegro Maestoso
02 - II. Romance. Larghetto
03 - III. Rondo. Vivace
Piano Concerto No.2 in f-moll, Op.21
04 - I. Maestoso
05 - II. Larghetto
06 - III. Allegretto Vivace
Sinfonia Varsovia
Conductor: Jerzy Maksymiuk

CD8 - Favorites

01.Nocturne No.1 in b-moll, Op.9 No.1
02.Nocturne No.2 in Es-dur, Op.9 No.2
03.Nocturne No.5 in Fis-dur, Op.15 No.2
04.Waltz in Es-dur, Op.18 'Grande valse brillante'
05.Waltz in a-moll, Op.34 No.2
06.Waltz in Des-dur, Op.64 No.1 'Minute Waltz'
07.Waltz in cis-moll, Op.64 No.2
08.Polonaise in A-dur, Op.40 No.1
09.Polonaise in As-dur, Op.53
10.Etude No.3 in E-dur, Op.10 (Tristesse)
11.Etude No.8 in F-dur, Op.10 (Sunshine)
12.Etude No.12 in c-moll, Op.10 (Revolutionary)
13.Berceuse in Des-dur, Op.57
14.Prelude No.15 in Des-dur, Op.28
15.Impromptu No.4 in cis-moll, Op.66 'Fantaisie-Impromptu'
Dang Thai Son, pianoЧайковский - Времена года (Dang Thai Son)Chopin - Complete Piano Sonatas (Dang Thai Son)
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