(Instumental, Piano, Neoclassical, Classical Crossover) Szentpeteri Csilla (Szentpéteri Csilla) - Дискография: 7 альбомов (1993 - 2014), MP3 (tracks), 192-320 kbps



Szentpéteri Csilla
Жанр: Instumental, Piano, Neoclassical, Classical Crossover
Годы выпуска дисков: 1993-2014
Производитель диска: Венгрия
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 192-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:10:56
Источник: конвертировано из lossless
(кроме альбомов Üzenet, Spiritus, Best Of Szentpeteri Csilla & Band)

1993 - Wolf Péter - Stella románcok (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:49:48
01. Álmok éje 3'42"
02. Római emlékek 3'34"
03. Piéta 3'41"
04. Vihar 2'42"
05. Vénusz trónja 2'42"
06. Vágyakozás 4'01"
07. Háborgó lélek 4'06"
08. Örintés 2'32"
09. Magány 3'30"
10. Via Dolorosa 5'03"
11. Kísértés 3'18"
12. Ballada 4'09"
13. Gioconda 2'09"
14. Feloldozás 3'24"

2000 - Üzenet (192-320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:43:40
01. Grieg: Peer Gynt / Morning mood - Reggeli hangulat [03:16]
02. Vivaldi: Concert in C-major Op.3. No.12. Allegro [03:09]
03. Saint-Saens: Samson et Dalila / Csók-ária [04:06]
04. E. Satie: Gymnopedie I. [03:55]
05. Massenet: Thais Meditation [03:30]
06. Dinicu: The Lark - Pacsirta [02:33]
07. Schubert: Serenade [03:45]
08. Rossini: La Danza - Tánc [02:52]
09. Bizet: Les Pecheurs de Perles - Gyöngyhalászok [04:31]
10. Dvorak: Gipsy Song - Cigánydal [04:37]
11. Fauré: After A Dream - Álom után [03:27]
12. Borogin: Prince Igor - Igor herceg [04:00]

2002 - Vadhajtások (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:49:49
01 - Nyitány (Pugnani témájára) - Overture , Introduction and Allegro (theme of Pugnani)
02 - Nemorino románca (Donizetti témájára) - Nemorino's Romance (theme of Donizetti)
03 - Álmodozás (Debussy témájára) - Reveire (theme of Debussy)
04 - Solveig dala (Grieg témájára) - Solveig's Song (theme of Grieg)
05 - Dongó (Rimszkij-Korszakov témájára) - Bumblebee (theme of Rimsky-Korsakoff)
06 - Moldva (Smetana témájára) - Moldau (theme of Smetana)
07 - Oriental (Rachmaninov témájára) - Oriental , Piano concerto No. 3 (theme of Rachmaninov)
08 - Albatrosz (Chopin- cisz-moll Noktürn témájára) - Albatross , Nocturne, Brown-Index 49 (theme of Chopin)
09 - Gymnopédie II. (Satie témájára) - Gymnopédie No. 2 (theme of Satie)
10 - Lávatenger (Gluck témájára) - Torrent of Lava , Orfeo ed Euridice (theme of Gluck)
11 - Vihar (Vivaldi témájára) - Storm , The Four Seasons - Summer (theme of Vivaldi)
12 - Siciliano (J.S. Bach témájára) - Siciliano (theme of J.S. Bach, Sonate No. 2. BWV 1031)

2003 - Időzónák (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:48:55
01. Intro Inferno (Vivaldi) [0:04:31.65]
02. Flört (Delibes) [0:04:11.82]
03. Borostyán (Csajkovszkij) [0:04:53.45]
04. Horizont (Liszt) [0:05:01.49]
05. Életöröm (Brahms) [0:03:53.09]
06. Glória (Mozart) [0:03:57.60]
07. Ópium (Rimszkij-Korszakov) [0:04:05.60]
08. Legenda I. (Szentpéteri Cs.-Barcsik V.) [0:02:39.26]
09. Legenda II. (Mendelssohn) [0:03:18.98]
10. Fiesta (Rossini) [0:02:39.13]
11. Atlantisz (E. Satie) [0:05:25.37]
12. To Christofer (Mascagni) [0:04:17.77]

2005 - Láva (320 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:47:23
01 - Sirály
02 - Láva
03 - Musztáng
04 - Füstkarikák
05 - Zarándok
06 - Aranykor
07 - Ördögtangó
08 - Templomkert
09 - Galaxis
10 - Holdjáró
11 - Meteor
12 - Fennsík

2008 - Spiritus (192 kbps)

Продолжительность: 00:52:11
01. Spiritus [3:51]
02. Piazzola Boulevard [3:04]
03. Grin 90 [4:32]
04. Gitanos [3:01]
05. Delirium [3:53]
06. All Inclusive [3:33]
07. Esőerdő [4:34]
08. Üveghajó [5:13]
10. Paganini Salsa [3:01]
11. Északi fény [4:05]
12. Monti tangó [3:00]
13. Monti Pepperoni [1:44]
14. Túl az Óperencián [4:23]

2014 - Best Of Szentpeteri Csilla & Band (192 kbps)

Продолжительность: 01:14:47
01. Overture, Pt. 1 (Introduction, Theme of Pugnani)
02. Overture, Pt. 2 (Allegro, Theme of Pugnani)
03. Paganini Salsa (Theme of Paganini)
04. Piazzolla Boulevard (Tanguissimo)
05. Seagull
06. Glory (The Marrige of Figaro)
07. Lava (Theme of Corelli: La Foglia)
08. Gringo
09. Moonwalker / Holdjaro (Grossienne, Theme of E. Satie)
10. Fiesta (La Gazza Ladra -Overture, Theme of Rossini)
11. Intro Inferno (Concerto No. 2 Op. 10 Theme of Vivaldi)
12. Legend / Legenda
13. Opium (Hindu Song, Theme of Rimsky-Korsakov)
14. Atlantis (Gnossienne, Theme of E. Satie)
15. Torrent Of Lava / Lavatenger (Orfeo Ed Euridice, Theme of Gluck)
16. BaRock (Concert in C-Major Op. 3 No. 12 Theme of Vivaldi)
17. Highland / Fennsik (Ballet Spartacus - Adagio, Theme of Khachaturian)
18. Monti Tango (Theme of V. Monti)
19. Monti Pepperoni (Theme of V. Monti)
20. Storm / Vihar (The Four Seasons-Summer, Theme of Vivaldi)
21. To Christopher (Cavalleria Rustica- Itermezzo, Theme of Mascagni)
22. Gymnopedie (Theme of E. Satie)


Tamás Bartók - гобой
István Elek - клавишные
György Ferenczy - казу
János Kormos - гитара
Tamás Kovács - ударные
Magyar Virtuózok Kamarazenekar
Márton Kovács - ударные
Balázs Szendőfi - басс
Péter Szendőfi - барабаны
Balázs Thurnay -
Zoltán Sipeki - гитара

Биография (англ.)

Csilla Szentpéteri started playing the piano at the age of seven. Already at an early age, her fine ear and excellent timing manifested themselves. Having graduated from the School of Music at Makó, she continued her music studies at the Szeged Béla Bartók Conservatory. Eventually, she graduated from the Budapest Franz Liszt Academy of Music as a pianist with summa cum laude qualification.
She won her first scholarship in 1988, to the Basel Academy of Music in Switzerland, but a serious hand problem prevented her from using this opportunity. In 1990, she had a scholarship in Finland and, in 1991, she obtained her master diploma at the Santa Cecilia Academy of Music in Rome, also supported by scholarship. In 1996, she again won a scholarship, this time in Spain.
For 6 years, she was teaching at the Budapest Franz Liszt Academy of Music; for years she acted as director at the Academy's woodwind and brass instrument, as well as violin and vocal music departments. She gave concerts in the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, Sicily, Belgium, Switzerland, and the countries of the Eastern region. She toured Italy 8 times with the Hungarian Virtuosos Chamber Orchestra. She participated at master courses conducted by Georges Cziffra, Péter Frankl, Sergio Perticaroli and Tamás Ungár. Csilla performed chamber music with world-famous violinists, Josef Sivo and Stefan Ruha, on a regular basis.
A key step in her professional life was, when Thomas Vasary, the world-famous conductor-pianist discovered her in 1995, and together they were giving concerts in Hungary, Germany, and the UK for many years. He introduced Csilla to Sir Georg Solti, who auditioned her several times and expressed his highest appreciation. Eventually, due to the master passing away, the planned joint concert could not take place.
Melodies written and addressed to Csilla by Peter Wolf, composer, were published by Hungaroton in 1993 under the title "Stella Romances", and then in 1996 titled "Paradise".
On the 1st of January of 1997 baron Wolfhard von Boeselager presented her at the Academy of Music with the "Most Talented Young Artist" prize .
In 1998 Csilla acted both as the producer and as a contributing artist in producing the album titled "Christmas Stars" (Universal) and the concert presenting the record, which was broadcasted live by the Hungarian Central Television. Records of the album covered pieces performed by the then most popular and best-known Hungarian and international artists representing both light and classical music.
Hallmarks along Csilla's professional career were excellent schools and professors. Initially, she won fame as a classical musician.
In 2000, however, she decided to follow her own path, and started to formulate her own world of composed music. She creates an unusual alloy of classical melodies and contemporary, more modern styles, bravely incorporating rock, Latin, and World Music features when, in her opinion, heightened rhythm and excellence of improvisation requires. Thanks to her own compositions Csilla has earned her title as a composer. Csilla is a pianist, a composer, an orchestrator, and a musical director - all combined in a single person.
Her album titled "Message" ("üZENEt") (Warner) was published in 2000 , presenting popular pieces and classical pieces discovered by Csilla, presented in her exciting, colourful transcriptions that are full of wit.
With ease, she steps over traditional borders between styles, accommodating modern electrical and acoustical instruments in the re-creation of 20th Century style symphonic harmonies. Popularity of her records compares with those of pop music. Tickets to her concerts are running short within days and all her tours, whether in Hungary or abroad, are characterised by incessant applause.
Record presentation concert at the Pesti Vigadó and the Budapest Congress Centre.
In her "Wildings" ("Vadhajtások") album, published in May of 2002 (Warner), Csilla weaves energetic and throbbing rhythm with elegance and unbelievable sensitivity that hardly any artist is capable of within a single album. The felicitous title gives us clues about the personality of the artist, as well as the musical mood. The genre, nourished by classical music, has had predecessors, however, Csilla is cultivating it with the addition of special spiciness, her own grave ideas, and phraseology of light music, which make her performance unmistakable. It is an eventful journey meant for those respecting old values but craving for new, refreshing, and modern sounds. Easy to listen, ear flattering melodies, ranging from passionate to deviously virtuosic MUSIC, all in capitals and in the truest sense of the term.
Album presentation concerts at the Budapest Congress Centre and the Open-air Theatre at the Margaret Island. Great Christmas Concert at Vígszínház.
In the autumn of 2003 the new album titled "Time Zones" ("Időzónák") was born,
where Csilla again proved that she was far from running out of musical ideas, and presented
a virtuosic rendezvous of various styles of music. Her piano play embraces a broad scale of moods, makes us feel like we were sitting on a roller coaster by alternating between lyrical and temperamental pieces. Presentation concert at the Budapest Congress Centre, great Christmas concert at the Operetta Theatre.
In 2004, to celebrate Hungary joining the European Union and to represent her country,
Csilla Szentpéteri gave a concert in Brussels based on the invitation of Péter Medgyessy,
the Hungarian President. In a documentary prepared by System TV (Brussels) on Hungary, Csilla's music is the musical colour added to the film. After this event she went to Paris, where she was celebrated, then she played at the Metropol in Vienna and won great success.
On the World Day of Red Cross, in Geneva, she charmed her audience consisting of heads of state, princes, and monarchs, as well as sponsors, all highly appreciating her special and unique style of music. Great Christmas concert at the Operetta Theatre.
In December of the same year Csilla received the decoration of the Italian government at the Ceremonial Hall of the Italian Institute. It was granted to her because key moments of her life link her to Italy, and most of her work and albums include transcriptions of Vivaldi, Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi, Pugnani, and Corelli.
In the autumn of 2005 her album titled "Lava" ("Láva") was published, which is the gravest of all her albums so far. Besides composing, in this album she also debuts, with great success, as a producer and a musical director. This album fully satisfies those looking for virtuosity, notes played with the fineness of china, and enhanced artistic elegance. An artistic exactitude combined with exoteric presentation, targeted at interested and open audience wishing for unique yet substantial musical experience. Presentation concert at the Budapest Congress Centre.
2006 opened up numerous new dimensions for Csilla. Her records were published in Korea and were leading the top-list for almost two months. Her composition titled "Legend" was selected as the main musical title of a local short-story series.
In the summer of 2006 she prepared her professional, grandiose concert film DVD, with unique show effects. She re-wrote her compositions, then a 2-day shooting took place at the studio of the TV2 channel under the most idealistic conditions, with the involvement of a 60 staff, numerous cameras, LED walls, and a stage/show technique not yet standard in Hungary. Interesting and exciting pictures appeared on the special projectors to enhance the musical effect, including her video clips shot in South-Tunisia.
In the autumn of 2006, Csilla debuted at the Budapest Palace of Arts, where she presented her DVD titled Piano Planet. In October of the same year, from the productions of 15 European countries, this production was selected for the inauguration gala of the Business Eurocenter in Vienna, after which Csilla signed a 2-year contract with a Viennese concert agency.
Having returned from her concert tour, she held her traditional gala concert at the Budapest Operetta Theatre, with the participation of the créme of the musician society.
Besides her numerous concerts, Csilla Szentpéteri gives precedence to supporting sick children. In 2006 she gave 5 grandiose charity concerts, and was elected as Ambassador of Danone's "Campaign for Children Suffering from Cancer".
In 2007, she and the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra won the greatest popularity at the 10th International Jewish Festival in the Synagogue of Dohány Street, accommodating 3500 audience, charmed by Csilla's transcriptions of Hungarian Gipsy music combined with Klezmer and classical melodies.
On the 26th of December of 2007, she gave two Christmas concerts at the Budapest Operett Theatre, both with fully sold seats.
Csilla is a regular invitee at the events of the Spring Festival organised in the large cities across Hungary, and in the autumns she always tours Hungary's stately theatres.
In June 2008, the joint concert of Csilla Szentpéteri and the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra will be a key event among the Open-air Concerts at Margaret Island, and
The presentation concert of Csilla's latest album, titled "Spiritus" took place on the 26th of December of 2008 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest.
Csilla Szentpéteri is one of Hungary's most appreciated and popular artists,
her elegant and gracious appearance is a sure hit. Her music is a real curiosity on the musical palette, with stirring rhythms, guitars, all consuming exhilaration, and passion it is entertainment of the highest order.
Официальный сайт: http://www.szentpetericsilla.hu/
Четыре альбома в lossless находятся здесь: http://teatrix.ru/viewtopic.php?t=3708734Также очень рекомендую:

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