[SACD-R][OF] Fritz Reiner - Vienna - 1960/2006 (Classical)

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Fritz Reiner / Vienna
Жанр: Classical
Страна-производитель диска: USA
Год издания:1957,1960 (2006)
Издатель (лейбл): Living Stereo
Номер по каталогу: 82876716152
Страна: USA
Аудиокодек: DST64 5.0
Тип рипа: image (iso)
Битрейт аудио:1/2.8224 MHz
Продолжительность: 1:18:01
Источник (релизер): PS³SACD
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
01-Morning Papers, Op. 279
02-Emperor Waltz, Op. 437
03-On The Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314
04-Invitation To The Dance, Op. 65
05-Village Swallows, Op. 164
06-Der Rosenkavalier: Waltzes
07-Vienna Blood, Op. 354
08-Roses From The South, Op. 388 (From The Queen’s Lace Hankerchief)
09-Treasure Waltz, Op. 418 (From The Gypsy Baron)
10-Thunder And Lightning, Op. 324
Доп. информация: Специально для любителей многоканального звука. Диск формата 5,0, но полезный сигнал только на трех фронтальных. Впрочем, как и на большей части серии "Living Stereo"

Об исполнителе (группе)

A portrait in music of a time & a place, from a conductor whose life & career in the new world had its roots in the old. With just the right combination of effervescence & nostalgia, this program of popular Viennese favorites recaptures a bygone flavor.

Об альбоме (сборнике)

ManWhoCan says, following on from Fiedler’s ‘Pops Caviar’ and ‘Hi-Fi Fiedler’, I thought this one was appropriate to come next, as it’s also a mixture of sources.
Audaud.com review:
I reviewed the XRCD24 incarnation of this disc in September 2005’s Audiophile Audition – that review was an unabashed rave over just about every aspect of that disc’s presentation. How does the SACD compare? How many superlatives do I need to pile on? Both discs are technically excellent; however, the SACD offers the following:
1) A very generous playing time of 78 minutes, including 4 of 6 tracks from the bookend Reiner/CSO album Strauss Waltzes, compared to 49 minutes for the XRCD.
2) All tracks are presented in original 3-channel sound.
3) All liner notes are offered in languages other than Japanese.
4) All Living Stereo SACDs were recently on sale at Tower Records for only $8.99 each! That price makes purchase of these discs a no-brainer.
I know, how many times are we going to repurchase this same music? – but Sony/BMG is making our decision easier with these excellent & reasonably priced discs. Very highly recommended!
– Tom Gibbs
Amazon customer reviews:
Lengthy review here:
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