[SACD-R][OF] Cesar Franck - Complete Organ Works Vol. 1-3 - Hans-Eberhard Ross - 2004,2005/2005,2006 (Classical)

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Cesar Franck - Complete Organ Works
Hans-Eberhard Ross

Жанр: Classical
Год записи материала: 2004, 2005
Год выпуска диска: 2005, 2006
Производитель диска: Germany - Audite - 91.518
Аудио кодек: DST 2.0, 5.1
Тип рипа: image (ISO)
Битрейт аудио: 2,8224 MHz
Vol.1: 70:32 + 75:52
Vol.2: 64:29 + 61:28
Vol.3: 70:27 + 78:46
Disc 1
1. Piece en mi bemol
2. Piece pour Grand Orgue
3. Andantino (G Minor)
4. Fantaisie (C major, Vesion I)
5-9. Cinq Pieces pour Harmonium transcrites pour Grand Orgue par Louis Vierne
10. Offertoire (A major)
11. Fantaisie (C major, Vesion II)
12. Quasi Marcia op.22
Disc 2
1-6. Six Pieces Pour Grand Orgue
Disc 1
1-39. Pieces Posthumes Pour Harmonium Ou Orgue
A Pedales Pour L'Office Ordinare (L'Organiste II)
Disc 2
1-7. Pieces Posthumes Pour Harmonium Ou Orgue
A Pedales Pour L'Office Ordinare (L'Organiste II)
8-12. Trois Horals Pour Grand Orgue
Disc 1
1-48. Pieces Pour Orgue Ou Harmonium
Disc 2
1-24. Pieces Pour Orgue Ou Harmonium
25-27. Trois Horals Pour Grand Orgue
Take the cat off the hook and throw out the phone – you won’t want to be disturbed for the next two and a half hours. Why? Because this is an organ collection like no other, magnificently played on the new Goll instrument at St Martin, Memmingen. And if you think you know your Franck be prepared for a surprise – these performances are nothing short of revelatory.
This isn’t the first time the fabulous Goll organ has been committed to disc; Ross has recorded a mixed programme for IFO (IFO45), Ulfert Smidt has taped some Franck and Langlais for MDG (MDG 90614) and Jane Parker Smith plays an eclectic mix of pieces for Avie (AVI-34). I have yet to these but I’d be very surprised if they come even close to the sonic and musical splendour of this Audite release.
And of course there are two more instalments in this series – Audite 91.519 and 91.520 – which, if Volume I is anything to go by, must make this the finest and most satisfying survey now before the public. One hesitates to use the word ‘great’ but in this case nothing else will do.
Dan Morgan musicweb-international.com
Vol. 1
This initial volume in a series of double SACD sets represents the beginning of the complete organ works of Cesar Franck on CD for the first time. The series will include, naturally, the 12 major well-known works. In addition to these, there will eventually be at least 40 minutes of premiere recordings alongside the many smaller treasures from the repertoire. The works for harmonium will be available in their entirety in versions for organ, as will be two organ works discovered during the 1970s and 1980s; also new to the recording medium. Besides this aspect of completeness, the present production is marked by the special sound of the Goll Organ. Its warm, soft sound, resulting from widely constructed pipes, creates an unobtrusive power and fullness.
Vol. 2
The second volume in this series is no less successful than César Franck: Complete Organ Works Vol. 1 - Hans-Eberhard Ross.
As before, the music is played on the wonderful Goll Organ of St. Martin, Memmingen and the second volume is subtitled "Unrecognised greatness". Here the L'Organiste II (from which the "Pièces posthumes pour Harmonium ou Orgue á pèdales pour l'office ordinaire" are drawn) are split across the two discs, together with 4 other similar scale works as well as the third version of the Fantaisie in C and the Trois Pièces Pour Grand Orgue.
L'Organiste II is a set of works written for a former pupil of Franck who left the big city to work as a village organist. The 43 (mainly) miniatures that comprise L'Organiste II are on the whole small scale and not of lasting interest to most listeners. However, there are a few more substantial parts that repay repeated hearing and illustrate the respect that Franck held for the post of church organist - oh that all players would employ music of this quality today. The other miniature pieces that were originally conceived for harmonium but like L'Organiste II and they have been transposed (in a very similar and convincing way) by Hans-Eberhard Roß. Throughout, Roß plays with absolute dedication and conviction that many would not bring to such "trivial" works.
The Trois Pièces are, of course, conceived on a wholly different scale and Roß responds in kind. He brings out the Tristan-like qualities of the Fantaisie as well as delivering a very satisfying reading of the Pièce Héroïque indeed.
Just as in the first volume, the acoustic of the Memmingen church is very fine for the purpose - not cloudy nor dry and the Audite team capture the reedy timbre of the Goll instrument with a care rarely heard in organ discs so far on SACD.
Even though this is very fine playing and recording, this cannot be recommended for those other than those who seek a complete collection or devoted organ music fans.
Vol. 3
The late works of great composers are often surrounded by a special aura. The knowledge of the finality of certain artistic statements instills in us – quite rightly – a particular feeling of awe. Does it matter today that Franck was an early victim of a traffic accident, dying at the relatively young age of 68, after he had also contracted pleurisy? These are mere historical facts. But there is significance that his body was transported to the cemetery of Montparnasse in 1893. The Parnasse is one of the mountains which, according to ancient poetry, is inhabited by the muses, the goddesses of the beautiful arts, poetry as well as music. This is where Franck belongs: he has climbed the "gradus ad parnassum," the steps to the Parnasse. The final volume of this acclaimed series, fittingly, includes the magnificent Three Chorales and the works entitled Pieces pour Orgue ou Harmonium, all composed within his final year. With these works, and the ones on the previous volumes, Franck enriched the symphonic and solo repertoire for organ.
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