[SACD-R][OF] J.P. Sweelinck - Organ Works Vol.1 - Harald Vogel - 2011 (Classical)

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J.P. Sweelinck - Organ Works Vol.1
Harald Vogel

Жанр: Classical
Год выпуска диска: 2011
Производитель диска: Germany - MDG - 914 1690-6
Аудио кодек: DST 2.0, 5.1
Тип рипа: image (ISO)
Битрейт аудио: 2,8224 MHz
Продолжительность: 78:33
1. Toccata ex d (SwWV 285)
2. Echo-Fantasia ex d (SwWV 261)
3. Psalm 116 (Tenorsatz von Cl. Goudimel)
4. Psalm 116 (SwWV 313)
5. Fantasie à 4 (SwWV 273)
6. Toccata à 4 (SwWV 298)
7. Erbarm dich mein o Herre Gott (SwWV 303)
8. Ave maris stella (SwWV 193)
9. Capriccio (SwWV 281)
10. Allemanda (SwWV 330)
11. Toccata ex g (SwWV 295)
12. Registervorführung (Praestant 8')
13. Registervorführung (Hohlpfeiff 8')
14. Registervorführung (Quintatien 8')
15. Registervorführung (Hohlpfeiff und Quintatien im Wechsel)
16. Registervorführung (Trumpett 8')
17. Registervorführung (Barpfeiff 8')
18. Registervorführung (Trumpett und Barpfeiff im Wechsel)
19. Registervorführung (Zinke 8')
20. Registervorführung (Zinke 8' und Gedackt 8' mit Quintatien 8')
21. Registervorführung (Hohlfloyte 4')
22. Registervorführung (Waltpfeiff 2')
23. Registervorführung (Hohlpfeiff 8' und Waltpfeiff 2')
24. Registervorführung (Nasatt 3')
25. Registervorführung (Hohlpfeiff 8', Nasatt 3' und Gedackt 8')
26. Registervorführung (Praestant 8')
27. Registervorführung (Octave 4')
28. Registervorführung (Mixtur 2-4f)
29. Registervorführung (Scharff 3-6f)
30. Registervorführung (Cimbell 3f)
31. Registervorführung (Hohlpfeiff 8', Praestant 4#, Cimbell, Gedackt 8' und Hohlfloyte 4#)
32. Registervorführung (Bassunen Baß 16')
33. Registervorführung (Trumpeten Baß 8')
34. Registervorführung (Cornet Baß 2')
35. Registervorführung (Alle Pedalzungenstimmen)
36. Registervorführung (Pr8', O4', M, Sch und die drei Pedalzungen)
The Schwalbennestorgel is a remarkable survival of a type of organ called "swallow's nest", because of its appearing to have been glued onto the wall of the church - a look at the photograph on the disc cover shows this very well. The distinctive organ case was built between 1586 and 1595 by Dutch organ builders, and the loft and pedal cases were added by a Hamburg company in 1612. Many of their front pipes remain, with even their voicing preserved. A sensitive reconstruction by Altenahr in 2010 has produced an organ which is not only capable of playing music from the Renaissance, but also the high Baroque. Note that the organ's mean-tone temperament with perfect thirds may at times and in some keys seem out of tune to ears used to modern pitches.
Vogel has evidently put a great deal of thought and scholarly preparation into this project, as his detailed notes indicate. His programme for the first in the series consists of a showcase of the types of organ pieces which distinguish Sweelinck's music. Don't expect flashy virtuosity and full organ with 32' pipes; this is music from a generation earlier than J.S. Bach's.
The disc lasts for a generous 78'42", and is well produced with copious notes and full specifications for the organ. Not having MDG's 2+2+2 speaker configuration, I found the disc worked quite well with a 5.1 system, although it seems that the absence of that layer of the church ambience captured in the height microphones was missing in 5.1, giving the impression of a closer microphone placing. I understand from Werner Dabringhaus that the microphones were placed at least 12-15m from the console, and that the height speakers (if I had them) would image the organ about 10m above the church floor and also reveal the different locations of Hauptwerck and Oberwerck ranks. This is the first time that I have been aware of a substantial difference when playing a 2+2+2 optimised MC recording in the compromised 5.1 format. Quite possibly I would have awarded a full 5 sonic stars if it were at all possible for my large speaker system could be adapted to the 2+2+2 format.
An excellent introduction to the organ music of Sweelinck and to the Swallow's Nest organ of St Marien, stylishly played by Harald Vogel, who is an exemplary messenger for the composer. Recommended.
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