[SACD-R][OF] John Tavener - The Veil Of The Temple - 2003 (Classical Vocal)

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John Tavener - The Veil Of The Temple
Жанр: Classical Vocal
Год выпуска диска: 2003
Производитель диска: UK - RCA Red Seal - 82876 66154 2
Аудио кодек: DST 2.0, 5.1
Тип рипа: image (ISO)
Битрейт аудио: 2,8224 MHz
Продолжительность: 76:23 + 71:32
Disc 1
Cycle I
1. Mystical Love Song Of The Sufis
2. Primordial Call
Cycle II
3. Primordial Call
4. God's Creation
5. Outside The Gates Of Paradise
6. Our Father
7. Holy Mary
8. Alleluia Theos Erastos
9. Gospel Of St John
10. Thrice - Holy Hymn - Resurrection
11. Beatitudes Of St. Isaac The Syrian
Cycle III
12. Primordial Call
13. Psalm Of Creation
14. O Blessed Paradise, Pray For Me
Cycle IV
15. Primordial Call
16. Mystery Of The Nothingness Of God
Cycle V
17. Primordial Call
18. You Mantle Yourself In Light
19. Jesus Prayer
20. The Lord's Prayer
Cycle VI
21. Primordial Call
22. What God Is We Do Not Know
23. God Of Strength
24. Kyrie Eleison - Chant
25. Te Re Rem - Ecstatic Chant
26. Jesus Having Risen FromThe Tomb
Disc 2
Cycle VII
1. Apocalyptic Primordial Call
2. Absolved In The Mirror
3. Jesus Prayer
4.Hesychast Meditation
5. Mary Theotokos
6. Hail, Veil Of The Temple
7. Mother Of God
8. Alleluia
9. Gospel Of St John
Cycle VIII
10. Maranatha
11. Awake Thou That Sleepest
12. Into Beauty
13. Rending Of The Veil Of The Temple: Maya Atma
14. Knights Templar In The Temple Church
15. Light Of Christ
16. Cosmic Rising
17. New Jerusalem - Upanishad Hymn
18. Shàntih
A most remarkable set of a remarkable composition. This was recorded at the 1st 2 (overnight) performances of the entire All-Night Vigil (from which this concert-length version is drawn) & what seems to have been a daytime performance using over 1800 gigabytes of data storage!!!
A most remarkable set of a remarkable composition. This was recorded at the 1st 2 (overnight) performances of the entire All-Night Vigil (from which this concert-length version is drawn) & what seems to have been a daytime performance using over 1800 gigabytes of data storage!!!
Hidden at the back of exemplary notes (more of which in a moment), there is a note which explains about the recordings of the performances:
“The live performances made use of all parts of the Temple Church which has near ideal acoustics for vocal music. Much of the work involves choirs at opposite ends of the building with instrumentalists located in the middle. In some parts the performers moved around while singing and by the end of the work the entire audience was completely surrounded by nearly 200 vocalists, arranged around the whole building. In the mixing process we have aimed to reflect this as closely as possible, given the limitations of six track (SACD only) or two track reproduction systems.”
I can only concur with the statement about the acoustic properties – these discs have stunningly clear yet rounded sound! It really is quite staggering in MCH and good though the stereo layer is, it is no competition – this is a composition where not to have MCH really makes the experience poorer for the listener.
The notes & translations themselves are only in English but they are completely comprehensive. Included in the mini-book attached to the fold-out disc holders are essays on:
1) The philosophy behind the composition by the Master of the Temple, Robin Griffith-Jones
2) A biography of Sir John Tavener
3) A description of the composition by John Tavener
4) The religious significance of the texts employed by Robin Griffith-Jones
5) A history of the Temple Church, London in Medieval times
6) A history of the Knights Templar
7) A history of the Temple Church, London from 1307 to the present day
Together, these make for a fascinating insight into both Tavener’s composition and how the Master of the Temple sees it fitting into the history of both the Temple and the religion the Temple supports.
The music itself is formed of 8 cycles (which total to 18-19 hours in the “full” version, we get 2.5 hours), each of the first seven separated by a Tibetan temple horn call – a very dramatic effect. The cycles gradually rise in both pitch and intensity – a very powerful effect indeed when combined with a gong radiating out its energy. Compared to earlier compositions I have heard from Tavener, there is less audible “incense”, probably due to more overt use of non-Orthodox rhythms and harmonies. Throughout, and this for me is the most miraculous aspect of this set (not to take anything away from the conception of Tavener), the performances are of first class standard with no audible tiring of voices or instrumentalists. [For those that are interested, there is some really deep singing from the basses that seems to rise up from an abyss and stratospheric moments for the soprano's.]
Highly recommended both musically and sonically, a real demonstration disc.
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