Shiva Rea - Radiant Heart Yoga [2007 г., йога, обучающее видео, DVDRip]

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Shiva Rea - Radiant Heart Yoga
Год выпуска: 2007
Страна: USA
Жанр: йога, обучающее видео
Продолжительность: 32:50
Язык: of radiant heart
Описание: In this DVD internationally renowned teacher, Shiva Rea, offers three ways to experience yoga's rejuvenating heart-centered focus. Her Prayer Wheel, active meditative practice, is designed to generate love and compassion. Hridaya Namaskar (Heart Salutation) is an innovative vinyasa flow that leads to deep relaxation and inner peace in just 20 minutes. The Energizing Heart Movement Meditation releases stagnant energy and creates natural joy and vitality. These three practices Focus less on the strengthening aspects of yoga than other Shiva Rea offerings and more on relaxing, stretching, and invigorating. It combines a variety of lunges, backbends, twists, and more, all presented with the kind of flowing, undulating movements typical of flow yoga. Starting or ending your day more centered with these short heart opening practices will have a profound effect on your body and your life. Choose your practice - or combine all three - and celebrate the mystery of being human, fully alive with a radiant heart.
Calming, energizing, life-transforming yoga. In yoga, the heart center has its own wisdom, intelligence, and energy. In this unique and inspiring practice, Shiva Rea shows you how to connect to the power of your heart-most potently, your capacity for love and healing.
The flow of excellent yoga DVDs from Shiva Rea continues with Radiant Heart. With a total running time of about 30 minutes, this is the shortest of the California-based yogini's offerings; and with just a single section devoted to asana, there's no need for the "yoga matrix," a programmable feature that highlights Rea's other videos (including Yoga Shakti, inarguably one of the finest yoga DVDs on the market). Still, that one section, a 20-minute sequence called "Hridaya Namaskar" or "Heart Salutation," is, as Shiva Rea fans have come to expect, innovative and skillfully put together. Focusing less on the strengthening aspects of yoga than on relaxing, stretching, and invigorating, it combines a variety of lunges, backbends (ranging from the relatively elementary sphinx pose to more challenging positions like cobra, camel, and bow), twists, and more, all presented with the kind of flowing, undulating movements typical of Rea's style. The Heart Salutation is bookended by two meditation sections (the eight-minute "Prayer Wheel" and the three-minute "Energizing Heart Movement Meditation"), both of which, as their names imply, involve considerably more activity than is found in more traditional meditation sequences. Whether the combination of these elements will in fact promote the development of "an intelligent heart center which communicates, alerts, balances, and harmonizes" the body will end up being a personal matter for each user, but there's no doubting the quality of both the content and presentation of this inspiring teacher's work.
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: XviD
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: MPEG-4 Visual 656х368 (16:9) 29 970 f/s 1 088kb/s
Аудио: AC-3 48.0kHz 2ch (L,R) 192kb/s
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