Chakra Theory and Meditation with Paul Grilley [2007 г., Yoga, DVD5]

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Chakra Theory and Meditation with Paul Grilley-
Год выпуска: 2007
Страна: США
Жанр: Yoga
Продолжительность: 5 часов 45 минут-Описание:

Кто еще не выучил английский, у меня для вас отличная новость. Ради этого фильма язык стоит выучить.
Здесь рассказано все о чакрах, о накоплении самскар, о том как работает и накапливается карма и как от нее избавляться.
Более полного, подробного и легкого в использовании пособия по медитации я не встречал, хотя встречал и полнее и подробнее и легче - но не все одновременно.
-This DVD is Paul's best yet. The clarity of the subject matter is amazing. Should be compulsory viewing. (Yoga Scotland Magazine, September 2007)-* 4 hours of theory presentation and practice instruction
* Over 90 minutes of guided audio meditations
* Importance and purpose of chakra meditation
Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar Paul Grilley for an extraordinary presentation on the chakras and the yogic path of the spirit. Never before has this knowledge and these priceless practices been presented with such clarity, brilliance and accessibility. This program is destined to become a seminal guide to spiritual development.
Chakras are subtle centers in the brain and spine that regulate the physical, emotional and psychic flows of energy through the body. The fundamental premise of Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Taoism is that these energies need to be brought into the yogi’s awareness and control if the mind is to be calmed and the authentic Self revealed.
This groundbreaking course outlines the basic anatomy of this essential energy system and its operations in the physical, astral, and causal bodies. The unique characteristics of each chakra are described in four specific dimensions: physical location, organs they control, emotions they express, and mental characteristics they embody. These ideas give strong theoretical support and general guidance for those who wonder how and why chakra meditation should be done.-Paul Grilley has been teaching Yoga since 1980 and his special interest is the teaching of Anatomy. He practices Yoga postures in the style of Paulie Zink and patterns his philosophy on the writings and researches of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama - a Yogi and scientist from Tokyo, Japan. This philosophy integrates the Taoist Meridian and Acupuncture theories of China with the Yogic and Tantric theories of India. Paul lives in Ashland, Oregon with his wife Suzee.-What People Are Saying:
* "The clarity of the subject matter is amazing, and [Paul] appears effortlessly and in simple language to be able to link together so much of the underpinning philosophy of yoga." Yoga Scotland Magazine
* "Chakra Theory is an info-packed weekend workshop in a box viewers can visit again and again. The set also includes meditations in MP3 format, perfect for downloading to experience chakra awakening anywhere." LA Yoga Magazine
-Качество: DVD5
Формат: MPEG
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: DVD-AUDIO
Видео: 640x480 29.97fps 2156kb/s
Аудио: AC3 Stereo 48000 Bps/ 192 kbps


Содержание DVD

Product Information:
Program Title Duration
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Opening Remarks 02:58
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Introduction to Chakra Meditation 53:40
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Chakras and the Three Bodies 46:50
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Breaking the Cycle of Samsara 23:12
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Chakras & Spiritual Practice 33:02
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Prana and Breath 1:08:31
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Suggested Chakra Meditation Routine 07:53
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Sushumna Purification 07:20
Chakra Theory & Meditation - Bonus Chakras 07:14
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Guided Introduction 02:29
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Guided Nada Mudra 03:37
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Guided Ham Sa 05:04
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Guided So Hum 05:11
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Rising and Falling Ham Sa So Hum 08:31
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Suggestions for Bandha Practice 02:11
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Muladhara 08:51
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Svadisthana 08:39
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Manipura 08:29
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Anahata 08:35
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Visuddha 08:28
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Ajna 09:07
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Bandha Practice for Sahasrara 08:11
Chakra Theory and Meditation - Sushumna Purification 07:40
Total Time 5:45:43
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