Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series with Kino MacGregor [2009 г., практика аштанги уровня 2+ или 3 серии Д. Свенcона, DVDRip]

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Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series with Kino MacGregor
Год выпуска: 2009
Страна: USA
Жанр: практика аштанги уровня 2+ или 3 серии Д. Свенcона
Продолжительность: 01:48:10 + 39:00
Язык: English
Tutik Mons, спасибо за материал !
Описание: Ashtanga yoga is a magical, dynamic system of yoga taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy in Mysore, India that is comprised of six series of postures. In this DVD set, Kino MacGregor presents the Intermediate or Second Series of Ashtanga yoga. Called Nadi Shodhana in Sanskrit, this group of postures cleanses the nervous system through a rigorous combination of backbending, twisting, hip-opening and strength postures or asanas.
The first disc in this DVD set begins with Kino's insights on this powerful practice and then moves directly into the first segment demonstrating the Intermediate Series as Kino learned it from her teachers in India. While the Second Series is best learned under the guidance of a qualified teacher, you can use this documentation to inspire, deepen and develop your practice. The second disc in this DVD set, called "How to Work," gives you more explanation, pointers and tips on how best to safely approach some of the most challenging asanas in the series. Taken together, this DVD set serves as a comprehensive guide to Ashtanga yoga's Intermediate Series.
Disc 1: The Practice, 108 minutes
Disc 2: How to Work, 39 minutes
Кинэу МакГрегор показывает вторую последовательность аштанга-йоги (Intermediate Series), которой она обучалась в Индии. Группа асан, из которых состоит эта последовательность, на санскрите называется Нади Шодханой, так как благодаря сочетанию прогибов, скруток, асан на раскрытие тазобедренных суставов и силовых асан происходит очищение нервной системы. Хотя считается, что 2-ую последовательность аштанги надо изучать под руководством опытного преподавателя, можно воспользоваться предлагаемым материалом для углубления и дальнейшего развития своей практики. Во второй части Кинэу рассказывает, объясняет и дает подсказки, как безопасно подходить к выполнению наиболее сложных асан последовательности. В целом, это видео можно использовать в качестве методички по выполнению второй последовательности аштанги.

The Evolution of Knowledge" by Kino MacGregor

It is said that the Buddha's definition of truth is "what works." His pithy statement points toward one of the essential teachings about truth also contained within the path of yoga: impermanence. Knowledge and information come into our consciousness at an appropriate time, enhance our being, and when we have integrated the lesson, it passes. The intelligence to accept the impermanence of all experience is the seat of true knowingness.
Great joy can arise when we experience new layers of truth. It can be so enticing that there is the temptation to hold onto it in attachment and perhaps proselytize to others. We often identify with what we know. Every time you say, "This is the way things should be done," you close yourself down to the possibility of a new, perhaps more evolved, efficient or friendly way of being. You also distance yourself from those who do not know, increasing division along lines of right and wrong. Even in the world of yoga, we sometimes find ourselves debating about the "right" method.
If we look again at the Buddha's definition of truth as "what works," we see that what works constantly changes. Hence, we already have the basis for a relaxed, open understanding of reality. What works one day will not necessarily work for every day that follows. Even what seems perfect will one day pass away, and what's absolutely suited to you in a particular moment changes—try to hold onto it and a small part of you dies inside and remains caught in the past!
Throughout our journey in yoga, we have met many inspirational teachers. One of the most evolved states of yoga involves being both open to new information and ready to simultaneously let it go when the cycle is finished—that is, non-attachment even to the very knowledge which enlightens our lives. Even the great truths of Western science are merely hypotheses that are meant to be true for a given period of time, until refuted. Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi gives us the phrase "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" (the title of his influential book) to explain that in the expert's point of view, there are no new possibilities for learning, while the beginner's experience holds all things possible.
In terms of your practice, if you "know" that your shoulder is weak, how will you approach certain postures? If you "know" that a particular teacher is good (or bad) how will you feel in the class? What would happen if you walked into every situation with a beginner's mind?
Knowledge in its highest sense satisfies our hunger for the spiritual, elevating us beyond our daily identification with our small self. Knowledge belongs to no one, but can be felt, experienced and uncovered by all. Be open to it.
© 2006 Kino MacGregor
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