David Sycamore & Denise Weavers: Latin Competitive Actions [Спортивные бальные танцы, VHSRip, ENG]

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David Sycamore & Denise Weavers: Latin Competitive Actions
Жанр: Спортивные бальные танцы
Продолжительность: ~70min
Язык: Английский
David Sycamore & Denise Weavers: View the basic actions, and then put these into groups to see how the more advanced dancer uses the basic movements in each dance. Level: Intermediate.
CHA CHA - Group 1: Spiral Turn to CPP - Split Cuban Breaks - Step Point, Hesitation - Hip Twist Spiral - Cross Basic - Spiral ending - Cross Basic to PP - Swivels to Fan Position; Group 2: Curl from Fan Position - Reverse Top - Check to Shadow Position - Split Cuban Break - Hesitation to Turn - Lunge Line - Hesitation to Pat-a-Cake; Group 3: Open Ronde Basic Movements - Hip Twist action to Lunge Line - Hesitation to Side by Side Position - Hip Rocks to Three Step Turn - Ball Change action - Ronde Basic - Hesitation - Syncopated Fan
SAMBA - Group 1: Shadow(Bota Fogo) Rocks - Under Arm Turn to R - Volta action - Zig Zag; Group 2: Rocks - 1-3 Reverse Turn - Back Rock - Plait - Zig Zag - Shimmy; Group 3: Mambo Basic - Shimmy - Circular Zig Zag - Rolling of Arm - Volta to Circular Shadow Volta; Group 4: Cruzados - Continuous Lock Step - Natural Roll - Continuous Chasse
RUMBA - Group 1: Curl from Fan Position - Under Arm Turn to R and L - Syncopated Rock to Curl - Swivel Turn to Rope Spinning - Continuous Hip Twists to L - Delayed Fan; Group 2: Overturned Alemana to Same Foot - Solo Walks - Check - Lunge Line - Spiral ending; Group 3: R Hand Alemana - Hesitation - Walks - Shape - Spin - Sit Line
PASO DOBLE - Group 1: Promenade to Under Arm Turn - Press Line - Flamenco - Underarm Turn - Fallaway Reverse Turn & Open Telemark - Underarm Turn to Line - Spin to Chasse; Group 2: Twists - Pivots - Ronde - Turn to CPP - Wrap - Type of LF Variation - Continuous Zig Zag - Promenade Link
JIVE - Group 1: Change of Places L to R - Toe Heel Swivels - Charleston Swivels to Stomp - Throwaway to Close Hold - Flick Ball Changes; Group 2: Flick Ball Change to Sit Line - Turn to Rotary Zig Zags - Chicken Walks - Throwaway - Developed Chicken Walks; Group 3: Under Arm Spin to L from Fallaway Position - Repeat to end in Open Facing Position - Explosion Line - Rolling In & Off Arm - Overturned Checked Change of Places L to R - Simple Spins - Change of Places L to R with Man’s Spin
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