Corky Ballas with Michael Wentink and Kristina - New ABC's of Latin: Rumba [2007, Спортивные Бальные Танцы, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Corky Ballas with Michael Wentink and Kristina - New ABC's of Latin: Rumba
Тематика: Спортивные Бальные Танцы
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 1:49:11
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
All basic figures you need to learn are contained in this DVD. For your better understanding both Man and Lady's steps are separately explained in detail, and Corky Ballas, the former British Open Professional Latin-American Champion gives precise explanation as the timing and the lead. The beautiful routines separately made for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels will be found extremely useful to put into practice the basic figures and for further application to your dancing.
Corky Ballas has directed a number of instructional Latin DVDs before, the choice of format, style of presentation and explanations contained in the New ABCs of Latin are the result of his experience gained in the past. Very good!
* Hip actions (4 types)
* Leads (3 types)
* Body Positions and Holds (12 types)
* Rumba Walks (7 types)
Beginner's Level
* Closed basic
* Basic in Place
* Open Basic
* Alternative Basic
* Cucarachas
* New York
* Spot Turn
* Switch Turn and Underarm Turn
* Shoulder to Shoulder
* Hand to Hand
* Progressive Walks Forward and Back
* Side Step to Left
* Side Step to Right
* Cuban Rocks
* Routine 1
* Fan
* Alemana
* Hockey Stick
* Natural Top
* Opening Out to Right and Left
* Natural Opening Out
* Closed Hip Twist
* Routine 2
Intermediate Level
* Warm-up exercise
* Open Hip Twist
* Reverse Top
* Opening Out from Reverse Top
* Aida
* Spiral Turns
* Routine 3
Advanced Level
* Warm-up exercise
* Sliding doors
* Fencing
* Three Threes
* Three Alemanas
* Advanced Hip Twist
* Continuous Hip Twist
* Circular Hip Twist
* Routine 4
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Качество : DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: XviD
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 720x544, 951kbps, 29.970fps
Аудио: 128kbps, 48000Hz, 2channels


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