[TR24][OF] Voces8 - Lux - 2015 (Classical, A Cappella)

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-Год издания: 2015
Жанр: Classical, A Cappella
Издатель: Decca
Продолжительность: 01:11:42
Наличие сканов: Sleeve, Digital Booklet- -Контейнер: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Разрядность: 24bit / 96kHz
Количество каналов: 2.0
Ola Gjeilo (b. 1978)
01.Ubi Caritas (3:49)
Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)
02. O Nata Lux (2:59)
Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
03. Lux Aeterna (3:53)
Robert Del Naja (b. 1966), Grantley Marshall (b. 1965), Andrew Vowles (b. 1967), Elizabeth Fraser (b. 1963)
04. Teardrop (4:32)
John Tavener (1944-2013)
05. Mother Of God, Here I Stand (2:52)
Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652)
06. Miserere Mei (7:07)
Ēriks Ešenvalds (b. 1977), Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)
07. Stars (4:04)
Rihards Dubra (b. 1964)
08. Ave Maria 1 (3:45)
Patrick Hawes (b. 1958)
09. Prayer To A Guardian Angel (with Matthew Sharp) (2:58)
Sergey Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
10. Bogoroditse Devo (3:07)
Morten Lauridsen (b. 1943)
11. O Nata Lux (with Christian Forshaw) (4:28)
Benjamin Scott Folds (b. 1966)
12. The Luckiest (5:05)
13. Corde Natus Ex Parentis (with Christian Forshaw) (3:57)
Will Todd (b. 1970)
14. My Lord Has Come (3:38)
Paul Mealor (b. 1975)
15. Ubi Caritas (3:48)
Bonus Tracks
Christian Forshaw
16. In Paradisum (with Christian Forshaw) (4:00)
Patrick Hawes (b. 1958)
17. Prayer To A Guardian Angel (3:06)
John Sheppard (1515-1558)
18. Libera Nos 1 (with Christian Forshaw) (2:52)
19. Libera Nos 2 (with Christian Forshaw) (1:43)

О релизе

Warmth, radiance, guidance and comfort: from the pale glow of moon or starlight to the blaze of summer sun, light has always been a symbol for our most basic human needs, both physical and spiritual. In compiling the music for this album, we found ourselves returning time and again to this idea of the desire for comfort being expressed through music. Composers of the Renaissance era would of course draw on sacred texts, where light is often closely linked to hope, security and salvation, and our more contemporary offerings follow in that tradition.
Even those pieces we have chosen which do not explicitly reference light still hint at the solace which it provides. On the works presented here, this has led to settings where the music reinforces the text's meaning through warm harmonies and gentle textures. There is, for us, something inherently comforting about the sound of unaccompanied voices in harmony (and the added “voices” of our instrumental guests only serve to enhance that), and if these pieces show one thing, it is that composers across the ages have felt the same way.
Andrea Haines, soprano
Emily Dickens, soprano
Christopher Wardle, countertenor
Barnaby Smith, countertenor and artistic director
Oliver Vincent, tenor
Samuel Dressel, tenor
Paul Smith, baritone
Dingle Yandell, bass
Christian Forshaw, saxophone
Matthew Sharp, cello
Recorded May 15 & 16, and July 7 & 8, 2014 at Dore Abbey in Herefordshire, England as well as May 27, 2014 at St Michael’s Church in Highgate, London.
Producers: Adrian Peacock and Alexander Van Ingen
Recording and mixing engineer: David Hinitt
Editing engineers: Will Brown and Dave Rowell

ОтчётыДинамический диапазон

foobar2000 1.3.8 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2015-07-19 22:32:04
Analyzed: Voces8 / Lux
DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR13 -2.14 dB -22.13 dB 3:49 01-Ubi Caritas
DR12 -2.74 dB -19.27 dB 2:59 02-O Nata Lux
DR12 -0.62 dB -17.58 dB 3:53 03-Lux Aeterna
DR11 -1.70 dB -18.92 dB 4:32 04-Teardrop
DR12 -1.59 dB -20.23 dB 2:52 05-Mother Of God, Here I Stand
DR14 -1.24 dB -20.99 dB 7:07 06-Miserere Mei
DR12 -1.09 dB -19.12 dB 4:04 07-Stars
DR11 -1.06 dB -17.70 dB 3:45 08-Ave Maria 1
DR12 -0.80 dB -18.51 dB 2:58 09-Prayer To A Guardian Angel (with Matthew Sharp)
DR14 -0.73 dB -21.69 dB 3:07 10-Bogoroditse Devo
DR13 -1.47 dB -19.84 dB 4:28 11-O Nata Lux (with Christian Forshaw)
DR12 -1.75 dB -18.49 dB 5:05 12-The Luckiest
DR12 -2.99 dB -21.08 dB 3:57 13-Corde Natus Ex Parentis (with Christian Forshaw)
DR12 -1.52 dB -19.78 dB 3:38 14-My Lord Has Come
DR13 -1.69 dB -22.85 dB 3:48 15-Ubi Caritas
DR13 -0.87 dB -19.01 dB 4:00 16-In Paradisum (with Christian Forshaw)
DR12 -0.72 dB -17.73 dB 3:06 17-Prayer To A Guardian Angel
DR12 -1.30 dB -17.69 dB 2:52 18-Libera Nos 1 (with Christian Forshaw)
DR11 -7.41 dB -23.46 dB 1:43 19-Libera Nos 2 (with Christian Forshaw)
Number of tracks: 19
Official DR value: DR12
Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2226 kbps
Codec: FLAC

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