[SACD-R][OF] Mitsuko Uchida - Schubert: Piano Sonata D568, Moments musicaux - 2003 (Piano)

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Mitsuko Uchida
Piano Sonata D568, Moments musicaux
- Формат записи/Источник записи: [SACD-R][OF]
Наличие водяных знаков: Нет
Год издания/переиздания диска: 2003
Жанр: Piano
Издатель(лейбл): Philips Classics
Продолжительность: 01:07:36
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: Да-Треклист:
Piano Sonata No. 7 in E flat major, D. 568 (Op. posth. 122):
1. I. Allegro moderato 9:33
2. II. Andante molto 7:21
3. III. Menuetto: Allegretto 5:01
4. IV. Allegro moderato 9:14
Moments musicaux (6) for piano, D. 780 (Op. 94):
5. I. Moderato 7:02
6. II. Andantino 7:18
7. III. Allegretto moderato 1:48
8. IV. Moderato 6:45
9. V. Allegro vivace 2:29
10. VI. Allegretto 10:49-Исполнитель: Mitsuko Uchida (piano)-Контейнер: ISO (*.iso)
Тип рипа: image
Разрядность: 64(2,8 MHz/1 Bit)
Формат: DST64
Количество каналов: 5.1, 2.0
Доп. информация: 470 603-2
Recorded August 5-13, 2001, Grosser Saal, Musikkverein, Vienna
Recording type: DSD
Источник (релизер): jasondonovan (PS³SACD)

Об альбоме (сборнике)

SA-CD.net Reviews:

By canonical:
This is a 2001 pure DSD recording.
I think it is a fine and musical performance. There are certainly moments of bliss –
But there are three aspects that are not to my taste:
First, the piano Uchida has selected, an older 1962 Steinway, is clangy and bangy.
Second, I think she has a tendency to over-pedal, and over-dramatise. This is Schubert. Brendel for the win.
Third, to describe the hall acoustic as reverberant is euphemistic – there is just far too much echo.
Unfortunately, the effects of 1, 2 and 3 are cumulative: they reinforce each other, particularly in the D568 Sonata. And with superior DSD SACD sound, you get to hear all that echo and clangour reproduced perrrrrrrrrfectly. Ah dear.
Uchida’s rendition of the Moments Musicaux is more successful – largely I suspect, because they tend to be more contemplative pieces, with less scope for clang clang in the bathroom. And in the quieter moments, the recording/performance sometimes achieves nirvana. But, in betwixt, the clangour ringeth over.
Yes – the echo has ruined the performance. I think ultimate responsibility lies with the artist.

By Chris:

My first Philips SACD, and also done in pure DSD I think. Anyway, this is a very realistic ,very natural recording of a grand piano played in the reverberant acoustic of the Musikverein Vienna,by a master pianist.This is one the best recordings of a solo piano I have heard ,and clearly shows the advantage of SACD over RBCD.There is a much more natural rendition of timbre . Individual notes decay naturally into the venue in a way the CD layer only hints at.None of the digital hardness CD suffers from all too often. Compared to LP, which also renders piano more realistically than CD ,no wow ,no flutter, no pitch variations, and no surface noise.
A step closer to the real thing indeed.
Musically I prefer the Moments musicaux over the Piano sonata D568. It is not quite the masterwork that his later sonata D894 is.
More please, Philips!

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