[SACD-R][OF] Alan Civil, Sir Neville Marriner, Academy St. Martin in The Fields - Mozart: The 4 Horn Concertos - 1972/2002 (Orchestral, Horn)

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Alan Civil, Sir Neville Marriner, Academy St. Martin in The Fields
Mozart: The 4 Horn Concertos
- Формат записи/Источник записи: [SACD-R][OF]
Наличие водяных знаков: Нет
Год издания/переиздания диска: 1972/2002
Жанр: Orchestral, Horn
Издатель(лейбл): Philips / PentaTone
Продолжительность: 00:59:35
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: Да-Треклист:
Horn Concerto in D, KV 386b (412/514)
1. Allegro 4:38
2. Rondo (Allegro) 3:30
Horn Concerto in E flat, KV 495
3. Allegro moderato 8:14
4. Romanza (Andante) 4:26
5. Rondo (Allegro vivace) 3:42
Rondo in E flat, KV 371
6. Allegro 5:43
Horn Concerto in E flat, KV447
7. Allegro 6:48
8. Romance (Larghetto) 4:32
9. Allegro 3:15
Horn Concerto in E flat, KV 417
10. Allegro maestoso 6:26
11. Andante 4:04
12. Rondo 3:35-Alan Civil (horn)
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
Neville Marriner (conductor)-Контейнер: ISO (*.iso)
Тип рипа: image
Разрядность: 64(2,8 MHz/1 Bit)
Формат: DST64
Количество каналов: 5.0, 2.0
Доп. информация:
PTC 5186 105, Remastered Quadro Recording
Released November 1, 2002
Recorded September 1971, Walthamstow Town Hall, London
Originally LP Philips ‎– 6500 325
Источник (релизер): JadedMan (Demonoid)

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Reviews from SA-CD.net:
By vonwegen:
Very nice, surprisingly agile playing from Alan Civil, but I have to say that Mozart did not typically compose for the French Horn (in German: Waldhorn) as lead instrument for a very clear reason–listening to Mr. Civil, a very impressive player who sometimes guested on Beatles album cuts, play W. A. Mozart’s rapid-fire flurries of notes is like watching an elephant do the mambo–it is possible, but it doesn’t come easily.
To my ears, it’s clear that other instruments, like the trumpet or piccolo trumpet would have been better suited to this style of symphony. The French horn, by contrast, lends itself much better to longer, more sustained notes where its large, dignified tones can resonate, rise and swell as a clarion call–or to ominously foreshadow a darker passage.
Hence, it may be that Mozart himself was commenting on that very clumsiness of the instrument by dedicating these pieces to renowned French Horn player Joseph Leitgeb, writing that he “has taken pity on Leitgeb, ass, ox and jester…” At times, the French Horn here does low like an ox and sound a bit like a donkey in other passages. (This is my pet theory, though, so feel free to shoot it all to pieces with impunity…)
The quad sound is nice–you really don’t miss the center channel in terms of imaging. As expected, there is not much low end in this 1971-vintage recording to waken the subwoofer from its slumber, but Pentatone has done a nice job with this–definitely recommended.
Amazon Customers Reviews:
By Czapp Krzysztof:
I own the previous issue of the same Alan Civil’s performance (the one with the oboe concerto as the last three tracks), but the sound quality of this SACD is far more superior to the previously issued CD. Perfectly detailed, warm sound filled with those little tiny things every audiphile would expect from a good record.Highly recomended!
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