[SACD-R][OF] Anatole Fistoulari, Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam - Tchaikovsky / Чайковский: Swan Lake (Лебединое озеро), Op.20 - Highlights - 1961/2009 (Orchestral, Balet)



Anatole Fistoulari, Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Op.20 - Highlights
- Формат записи/Источник записи: [SACD-R][OF]
Наличие водяных знаков: Нет
Год издания/переиздания диска: 1961/2009
Жанр: Orchestral, Balet
Издатель(лейбл): Decca / Esoteric
Продолжительность: 00:46:11
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: Нет-Треклист:
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (184-1893)
Swan Lake, Op.20 - Highlights
1 Introduction (Moderato assai)
Act I
2 No.1: Scène (Allegro giusto)
3 No.2: Valse
4 No.8: Danse des coupes (Tempo di polacca)
Act II
5 No.10: Scène (Modeato)
6 No.11: Scène (Allegro moderato)
7 No.13d: Danses des cygnes (Allegro moderato)
8 No.13e: Pas d'action (Andante)
9 No.20: Dabse hongroise (Czardas: Moderato assai)
10 No.5b: Pas de deux (Tempo di valse - Andante - Tempo di valse - Allegro molto vivace)
11 No.24: Scène (Allegro)
Act IV
12 No.27: Danse des petits cygnes (Moderato)
13 No.29: Scène final (Andante - Allegro agitato)-Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
Conducted by Anatole Fistoulari-Контейнер: ISO (*.iso)
Тип рипа: image
Разрядность: 64(2,8 MHz/1 Bit)
Формат: DSD
Количество каналов: 2.0
Доп. информация: ESSD-90019
Producer: Ray Minshull
Engineer: Gordon Parry, Kenneth Wilkinson
Location: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Recording date: 22 & 23 Feb. 1961
Producer: Motoaki Ohmachi (ESOTERIC COMPANY)
Mastering Engineer: Kazuie Sugimoto (JVC Mastering Center)
Источник (релизер): PS³SACD`s forum

Об альбоме (сборнике)

The historic masterpiece of Anatole Fistoulari, the ultimate ballet conductor of the 20th century
Anatole Fistoulari (August 20, 1907 - August 21, 1995) was born in Kiev, and today is known as one of the greatest ballet conductors of the 20th century. His baton wielded a sound imbued with a rich sense of color, characterized by a lively, driving pulse. Most of all, his performances generated an atmosphere full of beauty and elegance. Particularly through the recordings of these performances, Fistoulari's genius is highly regarded by music fans all over the world.
In his lifetime Fistoulari recorded a considerable number of works, including accompaniments for arias and concertos, as well as full ballets. Among the works he conducted, this particular version of "Swan Lake", recorded with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in 1961, is the luminous masterpiece that secured Fistoulari’s legacy within the annals of classical recordings. The original album contains 13 numbers selected from the complete ballet, and is the only recording Fistoulari ever made with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. This album is also popular in Japan and has seldom disappeared from the catalog, with reissues consistently being released since it first appeared on LP.

Топик был перенесен из форума Hi-Res stereo (классика и классика в современной обработке) в форум Музыка к балетам (lossy и lossless)

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