Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - La Salustia / Джованни Баттиста Перголези - Салюстия (Serena Malfi, Vittorio Prato, Laura Polverelli) (Corrado Rovaris) [2011, Opera, DVD9+DVD5]



Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - La Salustia
Перголези - Салюстия

Год записи/выпуска: 2011/2013
Лейбл: Arthaus Musisk
Страна-производитель: Germany
Жанр: Opera / Baroque 1600-1750
Продолжительность: 185 min.
Язык: Italian
Перевод: Отсутствует
Субтитры: Italian, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish
Режиссер: Juliette Deschamps
* Marziano – Vittorio Prato
* Salustia – Serena Malfi
* Giulia – Laura Polverelli
* Alessandro – Florin Cezar Ouatu
* Albina – Giacinta Nicotra
* Claudio – Maria Hinojosa Montenegro
Accademia Barocca de I Virtuosi Italiani
Corrado Rovaris, conductor
Juliette Deschamps, stage director
Benito Leonori, set designer
Vanessa Sannino, costume designer
Alessandro Carletti, lighting designer
Recorded live from the Teatro G.B. Pergolesi, Jesi, 2011
Качество видео: DVD9+DVD5
Формат/Контейнер: DVDVideo
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Видео поток: NTSC 16:9
Аудио поток: Italian, PCM Stereo / DTS 5.1
Booklet included



Pergolesi’s first opera “La Salustia” is filled with emotions and dramatic elements. It portrays the battle of two women, their struggle for power and justice. Further, it is the story of failing deceitful plots and mistrust. Salustia is the strong empress, wife of the Roman emperor Alessandro, whose mother-in-law Giulia would rather see dead than except as ruler. Strangely however, it is Salustia, who saves Giulia from her own death more than once. She fights not only for her own justice – being and ruling together with her love Alessandro – but also for justice amongst all the other battling parties. At the end she is rewarded for her moral strength. The drama around the unbreakable Salustia takes its course in the setting of ancient Rome. Young French director Juliette Deschamps, known for various opera productions in Jesi, made the old story come alive on a stage that suggests an ancient palace with large windows, later on the coliseum. The cast features well-loved Pergolesi interpreters such as Serena Malfi, Laura Polverelli or Vittorio Prato. The Accademia Barocca de I Musici Italiani, well-known for productions in historic performance practice, are led by Corrado Rovaris. This is a world premiere recording of one of the very few Salustia-productions that exist worldwide.

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