(Classical / Experimental / Drumset) Ted Kirkpatrick - In the shadow of the Masters - 2010, MP3 (tracks), 320 kbps



Ted Kirkpatrick - In the shadow of the Masters
Жанр: Сlassical / Experimental / Drumset
Год выпуска диска: 2010
Производитель диска: Pathogenic Records
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00*41*28
01. Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony #5 Finale Opus 67 (8:42)
02. Frederic Chopin – Etude Opus 10 #4 (2:02)
03. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Overture to the Marriage of Figaro (3:54)
04. Agustin Barrios – La Catedra, Allegro Solemne (2:53)
05. William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan – Modern Major General (2:53)
06. Johann Sebastian Bach – Fugue in D Minor BWV 565 (6:40)
07. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony # 34 Finale K338 (5:33)
08. Niccolo Paganini – Caprice #10 Opus 1 (1:52)
09. Gioachino Rossini – Overture to the Barber of Seville (6:50)
"To me, the fantastic music of the classical masters is in a totally different realm - there simply is no other music to compare it to. I believe it was a time in history that will never be repeated - kind of like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. In drumming to these timeless works as with any music, I always strive to treat the drums as a musical instrument - not just a noisy time keeper. These are some of my favorite composers with some of their most brilliant works". Ted Kirkpatrick.
Ted Kirkpatrick - американский heavy metal барабанщик, наиболее известный по работе в american christian metal группе Tourniquet. Его ударное мастерство не раз было отмечено номинацией Favorite Drummer of the Year (журнал The Hard Music Magazine). Подробнее см. на оф.сайте группы и в Википедии. "In the shadow of the Masters" - сольный проект Теда. Если честно, я и представить не мог, что закоренелый металлюга может создать нечто подобное с использованием классики... Думал, что меня уже трудно чем-то удивить...)) Кстати, эта раздача появилась благодаря Vadrum - Classical drumming от evgen_panasuk. На моё первое ухо (на первый взгляд, то есть) мне показалось, что этот альбом звучит как-то более гармонично, чем Classical drumming и ударная аранжировка здесь более серьёзная, чем простое простукивание мелодии вслед за первой скрипкой (хотя и не без этого, конечно). Кстати, можно даже сравнить одини и те же треки "Overture to the Barber of Seville" и "The Marriage of Figaro" в разном исполнении (там это трек 2-й и 18-й будут, соответственно). И ещё. Смотреть всё это действо гораздо увлекательнее - ютуб в помощь. Вообщем, слушайте и оставляйте комментарии!

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Обложка альбома увеличивается по клику (998х989 пикселей), она же включена в состав раздачи!Немного о классиках...
Людвиг ван Бетховен (~1770-1827) - великий немецкий композитор, дирижёр и пианист, один из трёх «венских классиков».
Фредерик Франсуа Шопен (1810-1849) - польский композитор и пианист-виртуоз, педагог.
Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт (1756-1791) - австрийский композитор, инструменталист и дирижёр, скрипач-виртуоз, клавесинист, органист.
Агустин Пи́о Барриос (Мангоре) (1885-1944) - парагвайский классический гитарист и композитор.
Артур Сеймур Салливан (1842-1900) - сэр, британский композитор смешанного ирландско-итальянского происхождения, получивший известность благодаря своим комическим операм, написанным в соавторстве с У. С. Гилбертом.
Иоганн Себастьян Бах (1685-1750) - немецкий композитор и органист, представитель эпохи барокко. Один из величайших композиторов в истории музыки.
Никколо Паганини (1782-1840) - итальянский скрипач и гитарист-виртуоз, композитор.
Джоаккино Антонио Россини (1792-1868) - итальянский композитор, автор 39 опер, духовной и камерной музыки, виолончелист.
... и о её исполнителях.
Ted Kirkpatrick
As drummer, songwriter and cofounder of Tourniquet since its inception in 1990, Ted's aggressive, musical, and often unorthodox approach to the drums has been recognized by thousands. Ted grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and began to play drums at age 12. By age 14, Ted was playing drums along to the records of many of his early influences like Rush, King Crimson, and ELP. He graduated with honors with a business degree from the University of Texas, Austin, and often finds himself using what he learned in college for the many details of operating the band.
Entirely self taught, Ted began to develop his own drumming style through a variety of influences. Besides the normal influence of other drummers, Ted's unique style developed from other more unconventional sources. As a great admirer of the classical masters, he has incorporated the staccato bursts of Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas, the counterpoint of Bach's fugues, and the explosiveness of Beethoven's symphonies into his playing.
As a traveler to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Amazon Basin of Western Brazil, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, the Solomon Islands and other far off lands in search of butterflies and other insects, the fantastic and repetitive sounds of the jungle have influenced his drumming as well.
Ted's philosophy of treating the drums as a musical instrument - not just a noisy timekeeper - makes sense in light of the fact that he has written the music and lyrics for fifteen of Tourniquet's #1 singles, in addition to the songs that bring out the technical, melodic, and eccentric side of the band. He is well known for his ability to create and execute polyrhythms within the framework of songs, for his advanced double bass technique, and most of all, for bringing a musicality to his playing which is always apparent in Tourniquet songs.
The readers of HM Magazine voted him "Favorite Drummer" for 10 years in a row. Ted has twice been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine and countless drummers now list him as one of their drumming influences.
Since the very first Tourniquet release in 1990 - Stop the Bleeding - Ted has been a strong voice for animal protection and animal welfare. " Anything I can do to help make this planet a happier, less painful, less abusive place for God's creation - the animals, I'm for that." You can hear and feel that passion in songs like "Ark of Suffering", "Stereotaxic Atrocities", and "Going, Going, Gone".
Ted composes his music for Tourniquet on guitar, then writes it out using a bizarre scribbling only he can decipher. "A long time ago, like in high school, I could read music because I played the baritone horn in band. But after looking at the music once or twice, I had the music memorized, so I didn't need to see it anymore. I guess I just sort of forgot how to read music, so I developed this ridiculous scribbling. I just see songwriting aa a great priviledge, and a unique opportunity to share my faith in the Lord through music."
As a fan of ethnic and world music, Ted has played other instruments on Tourniquet albums, including the Greek stringed bazuki, indian flute, banjo, and dulcimer. For the often requested acoustic sets Tourniquet occasionally performs, Ted plays 6 or 12 string guitar.

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