(Classical) Рахманинов (Rachmaninoff) - Complete Piano Works - Концерты, Сонаты, Прелюдии, Этюды-Картины, Музыкальные Моменты, Шопен и Корелли Вариации, Паганини, Ноктюрны, Пьесы, Транскрипции (Idil Biret, Antoni Wit) - 2000, MP3 (tracks) 320 kbps

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Рахманинов - Complete Piano Works (Idil Biret) Жанр: Classical/Piano
Год издания: 2000
Издатель (лейбл): Naxos
Номер по каталогу: 8.501005
Дата записи: 1989-1998
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 11:17:04
Источник: lossless
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да

CD01 - Etudes-Tableaux Op.33 & Op.39

Etudes-Tableaux, Op.33
01.Etude-Tableaux No.1 in f-moll, Op.33
02.Etude-Tableaux No.2 in C-dur, Op.33
03.Etude-Tableaux No.3 in c-moll, Op.33
04.Etude-Tableaux No.4 in d-moll, Op.33
05.Etude-Tableaux No.5 in es-moll, Op.33
06.Etude-Tableaux No.6 in Es-dur, Op.33
07.Etude-Tableaux No.7 in g-moll, Op.33
08.Etude-Tableaux No.8 in cis-moll, Op.33
Etudes-Tableaux, Op.39
09.Etude-Tableaux No.1 in c-moll, Op.39
10.Etude-Tableaux No.2 in a-moll, Op.39
11.Etude-Tableaux No.3 in fis-moll, Op.39
12.Etude-Tableaux No.4 in h-moll, Op.39
13.Etude-Tableaux No.5 in es-moll, Op.39
14.Etude-Tableaux No.6 in a-moll, Op.39
15.Etude-Tableaux No.7 in c-moll, Op.39
16.Etude-Tableaux No.8 in d-moll, Op.39
17.Etude-Tableaux No.9 in D-dur, Op.39

CD02 - Piano Sonata No.2, Corelli Variations, Moments musicaux

Piano Sonata No.2 in b-moll, Op.36
01 - I. Allegro agitato
02 - II. Non allegro
03 - III. Allegro molto
04-26.Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op.42
Moments musicaux, Op.16
27 - No.1 in b-moll
28 - No.2 in es-moll
29 - No.3 in h-moll
30 - No.4 in e-moll
31 - No.5 in Des-dur
32 - No.6 in C-dur

CD03 - Preludes Op.23, Morceaux de fantaisie

Preludes, Op.23
01.Prelude No.1 in fis-moll, Op.23
02.Prelude No.2 in B-dur, Op.23
03.Prelude No.3 in d-moll, Op.23
04.Prelude No.4 in D-dur, Op.23
05.Prelude No.5 in g-moll, Op.23
06.Prelude No.6 in Es-dur, Op.23
07.Prelude No.7 in c-moll, Op.23
08.Prelude No.8 in As-dur, Op.23
09.Prelude No.9 in es-moll, Op.23
10.Prelude No.10 in Ges-dur, Op.23
Morceaux de fantaisie, Op.3
11 - Elegie in es-moll
12 - Prelude in cis-moll
13 - Melodie in E-dur
14 - Polichinelle in fis-moll
15 - Serenade in b-moll

CD04 - Preludes Op.32

Preludes, Op.32
01.Prelude No.1 in C-dur, Op.32
02.Prelude No.2 in b-moll, Op.32
03.Prelude No.3 in E-dur, Op.32
04.Prelude No.4 in e-moll, Op.32
05.Prelude No.5 in G-dur, Op.32
06.Prelude No.6 in f-moll, Op.32
07.Prelude No.7 in F-dur, Op.32
08.Prelude No.8 in a-moll, Op.32
09.Prelude No.9 in A-dur, Op.32
10.Prelude No.10 in h-moll, Op.32
11.Prelude No.11 in H-dur, Op.32
12.Prelude No.12 in gis-moll, Op.32
13.Prelude No.13 in Des-dur, Op.32
14.Liebesleid (Kreisler, arr. Rachmaninov)
15.Liebesfreud (Kreisler, arr. Rachmaninov)

CD05 - Piano Transcriptions & Arrangements

Violin Partita in E-dur (J.S.Bach)
01 - Prelude
02 - Gavotte
03 - Gigue
04.Wohin (Schubert)
05.A Midsummer Night's Dream - Scherzo (Mendelssohn)
06.Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (Liszt)
07.Gopak (Mussorgsky)
08.L'Arlesienne, Suite No.1 - Minuet (Bizet)
09.Flight of the Bumble-bee (Rimsky-Korsakov)
10.Lullaby, Op.16 No.1 (Tchaikovsky)
11.Daisies, Op.38 No.3
12.Lilacs, Op.21 No.5
13.Dance of the Young Gypsy Maidens from Aleko
14.Liebesleid (Kreisler)
15.Liebesfreud (Kreisler)
16.Polka W.R. (Behr)
17.The Star Spangled Banner

CD06 - Piano Sonatas No.1, 2

Piano Sonata No.1 in d-moll, Op.28
01 - I. Allegro moderato
02 - II. Lento
03 - III. Allegro molto
Piano Sonata No.2 in b-moll, Op.36 (original version)
04 - I. Allegro agitato
05 - II. Non allegro
06 - III. Allegro molto

CD07 - Morceaux de salon, Nocturnes, Pieces

Three Nocturnes
01.Nocturne No.1 in fis-moll
02.Nocturne No.2 in F-dur
03.Nocturne No.3 in c-moll
Four Pieces
04.Romance in fis-moll
05.Prelude in es-moll
06.Melodie in E-dur
07.Gavotte in D-dur
Morceaux de Salon, Op.10
08 - Nocturne in a-moll
09 - Valse in A-dur
10 - Barcarolle in g-moll
11 - Melodie in e-moll
12 - Humoresque in G-dur
13 - Romance in f-moll
14 - Mazurka in Des-dur

CD08 - Chopin Variations & other Piano Works

01-23.Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op.22
24.Moment musicaux No.2 in es-moll, Op.16
25.Lento in d-moll (Song without Words)
26.Canon in e-moll
27.Fughetta in F-dur
28.Morceau de Fantasie in g-moll
29.Piece in d-moll
31.Oriental Sketch
32.Prelude in F-dur
33.Andante ma non troppo in d-moll - Prelude

CD09 - Piano Concertos No.2, 3

Piano Concerto No.2 in c-moll, Op.18
01 - I. Moderato
02 - II. Adagio sostenuto
03 - III. Allegro scherzando
Piano Concerto No.3 in d-moll, Op.30
04 - I. Allegro ma non tanto
05 - II. Intermezzo - Adagio
06 - III. Finale. Alla breve

CD10 - Piano Concertos No.1, 4, Paganini Rhapsody

Piano Concerto No.1 in fis-moll, Op.1
01 - I. Vivace
02 - II. Andante
03 - III. Allegro vivace
Piano Concerto No.4 in g-moll, Op.40
04 - I. Allegro vivace
05 - II. Largo
06 - III. Allegro vivace
07-32.Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op.43
Idil Biret, piano
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